The study claims 10 per cent more people are overweight or obese than previously believed, putting them at risk of suffering serious health problems such as diabetes and heart disease.

It says that although they may have a normal Body Mass Index, the calculation usually used to determine obesity, this does not distinguish between lean mass and body fat and so they may still weigh too much.

Yes, we know that the BMI does not distinguish between lean mass and body fat. That\’s actually one of the complaints we have about it. For just about every professional sportsman would be described as (at least) overweight, if not obese, because they, umm, have a lot  of lean mass.

So while it may well be true that there are those who are light but still fat, we can\’t just add 10% to our estimates. We also need to adjust for those who are heavy but not fat….

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  1. If you separate the morbidly obese from the just obese and overweight the health risks disappear (almost).
    Personally I’m skinny as a rake have a BMI over 25.
    Do you remember when fat people used to be described as jolly and happy rather than a group to be pitied and despised?

  2. No, what we need gto do is abolish the body mass index. This is a cretinous measurement comparing as it does the square of a linear dimension with a volume.

    It does have one useful purpose, though. It shows that any researcher using it as a measurement or quoting it in a paper is ignorant and stupid and that no credence need be attached to anything he says.

  3. I can certainly see how someone with a lot of muscle will weigh heavier than the Government decrees is acceptable, thus putting them incorrectly into the overweight category.

    I don’t see how someone with a lot of fat will weigh lighter than expected. Is it because they’ve had other body mass removed, like a kidney, a womb and a lung? Are they talking about really weedy people who literally have no muscle at all?

  4. I had a BUPA medical earlier this year and they used a machine to electrically measure my body fat. They set me a weight traget which which even if I am at the bootom end of leaves me being obese on the BMI scale.

  5. TGS, (et al)

    After two years of lifting weights and running nowhere on the machine at the gym, I went to an instructor for an appraisal of my progress which included a machine to measure my body fat.

    I was in great nick but the BMI thingy indicated that I was obese!

    Odd world we live in.

  6. It is odd that with obesity rampant – biometric impedance tests as well as fat fold tests should be routine.
    But they are fairly uncommon.

  7. Oh ferchrissake.

    So people who are not fat according to the figures may still be obese – and therefore in need of meddling from their betters.

    Reminds me of how snow in Baghdad or extra ice in the Antarctic just actually proves Global Warming.

    Any excuse will do to take power over people.

  8. How about a very simple test: if you stand up straight and look down and can’t see your feet, you’re too fat?

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