Bank shares

So, erm, is it time to buy bank shares yet?

10 thoughts on “Bank shares”

  1. Not In My Name!

    … or anybody else’s, for that matter! Zero per cent of people polled voted for this as a solution to the banking ‘crisis’ (see my blog, link above).

  2. “Not when shares have fallen another 6.5% in the first 90 minutes of trading this morning!”

    Within banking stocks the response is mixed. RBS is up 16%, HBOS is up 43%, Lloyds TSB is down 6%, Barclays is down 10%.

    Seems to me that the market thinks this is great for stressed banks and poor for solid banks.

    “better to be short on oil!!!”

    Oh the evils of short selling. I sold my oil at around $140/b. In fact the profits from that have almost exactly offset what I’ve lost on RBS so far.

  3. The trouble with oil shorting is that it’s a massive bet on how long the Yanks will successfully prop up the dollar – at some point in the next 2 years it’ll collapse, at which point oil futures holders will look silly even if real oil prices stay low…

  4. “John B, if you’re worried about that you can just short the dollar as well.”

    Short it against what? The Euro? The Pound?

    Helicopter Ben may be leading the race to the bottom, but are we sure that Darling or half of the Eurozone (once the Euro has broken apart) won’t beat him there?

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