Bribing the locals

Depends what you call it really.

Research by the British charity CAFOD claims that some community leaders in Macambol, on the southern island of Mindanao, were bribed up to £12,000 – thirty-two times a typical annual salary – to approve the scheme.

Reads differently if you call it compensation funnelled through the community leaders, doesn\’t it?

Still, the bit that interested me was this:

The mine will use a new method of extracting the nickel using hot sulphuric acid.

Called, I think, heat leaching. Been tried out in Australia a few times. Depends upon what exactly the ore is but when the process has been used in Oz a possible byproduct has been….scandium!


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  1. There are both “heat leaching” and the far more common “heap leaching.” More or less, it’s all heap leaching but I think the “heat leaching” refers to cases in which the process is heat-enhanced by using an available geothermal energy source. Anyone know for sure?

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