Bringing forward the infrastructure spending

The rail regulator cancelled 19 schemes to remove pinch points on overcrowded lines yesterday after the Government ordered a cut in public funding for the railways.

Network Rail had proposed the schemes to increase capacity and to reduce delays on routes that have experienced record growth in passenger numbers. The Government has imposed a strict cap on the expansion of the network, however, to save about £1.5 billion a year.

Do these people even talk to each other, let alone understand what they\’re doing? We\’ve just had the Chancellor saying that he\’ll bring forward some of the infrastructure spending in a Keynesian boost to the economy…..

That may or may not be a good idea but WTF are they doing announcing such and then cancelling spending already agreed?

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  1. With the added stupidity that Network Rail’s expenditure, might actually happen within the timescale needed to have an impact (assuming you agree with the whole idea), whilst other alternatives will be still stuck at the planning stage, long after the economy has turned around.

  2. They need that £1.5 billion to pay to China to get it to reduce emissions, so that China can increase it’s share of IMF lending, which will go to the EIB and hence back to UK banks and form part of the £4 billion that The Goblin King has said should be lent to Small Businesses to keep the economy going, which will hopefully increase the tax take so that HM Treasury will have more money to ‘invest’ in railways.

    It’s basic bookkeeping.

  3. As usual, Ben Webster is being misleading. These aren’t schemes that were agreed – they’re schemes that *weren’t* agreed when the spec for the railway for 2009-2014 was outlined last year. Network Rail had requested extra funding to add these to their other outputs – the ORR said that, given the enormous amount of money already going to NR, adding these schemes on as well couldn’t be justified.

  4. When Gordon Brown speaks of investment, what he means is ‘investment’ in Anti-Social Behaviour Co-ordinators, Five-a-Day campaigners, One-Legged Lesbian Outreach Workers and (as I heard the other day) nurses for ‘Special Needs and Challenging Behaviour’.

    This excellent investment is intended to ensure the re-election of the Labour Party.

    The benefits that will flow from this (to all members of the Labour Party) are vast numbers of cushy jobs paid for at the expense of others.

    This is clearly an excellent investment (for the Labour Party).

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