Butt Lifting Underwear

One of those strange PR spam attempts that arrive in email boxes every day. About some reality TV show. 

After successfully working with Janice last season, Andrew Christian goes to meet with Janice as he is looking for the perfect model, or more importantly the "best butt" to represent his recently released butt-lifting underwear Flashback in a new Fall advertising campaign.

Umm, if the butt lifting underwear really works, why would you want to find the " best butt" to model them? Wouldn\’t the lift and separate performance of the item in question mean that any old butt could be used to show them off?

2 thoughts on “Butt Lifting Underwear”

  1. Depends if you mean ‘best’ as in ‘most attractive’ or ‘most appropriate.’ The ‘best butt’ to model the underwear could indeed be ‘any old butt.’ Compare ‘Dan Rather is the best reporter to exemplify mainstream media’s bias and incompetence.’

  2. No simple way to show the efficacy short of “before” and “after” (fore and aft?), so the solution is…what you get. Remember, the goal isn’t to persuade viewers that the product will accomplish the job. Rather, it’s to get as many as possible to buy and try the product so they can find out for themselves whether it does what they want (and ‘attractive” sells more widely than its opposite). Few ordinary products can become successful by selling a single unit to viewers who’ve been persuaded, artfully or not.

    It’s a very old advertising saying that “it doesn’t pay to advertise a bad product.” And, though the saying doesn’t tell the whole story, it is truest in the case of relatively inexpensive items depending on repeat customers.

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