Concealing MP\’s addresses

There\’s to be a further delay in releasing the details of MP\’s expenses:

Parliamentary officials have spent the summer converting three years\’ paper records into electronic format. Later this month, every MP will be shown the details from their own files that the Commons authorities are proposing to publish. The politicians will be entitled to use the appeal period to request that particular documents are withheld from publication or "redacted" with key details blacked out.

Details which will automatically be withheld on security grounds include MPs\’ home addresses….

I\’m afraid I don\’t understand. Aren\’t these already public, on the electoral roll?

1 thought on “Concealing MP\’s addresses”

  1. It is their London addresses they want to keep secret not their vacant houses in the constituencies. I wonder if Mandy still has that terraced house in Hartlepool?

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