Bjork\’s environmental understanding seems as confused as her music.

Now we have three aluminium smelters, which are the biggest in Europe; and in the space of the next three years they want to build two more. The smelters would need energy from a handful of new geothermal power plants and the building of dams that would damage pristine wilderness, hot springs and lava fields. To take this much energy from geothermal fields is not sustainable.

Erm, actually, taking that much energy is sustainable. Indeed, it\’s one of the greenest projects on the planet.

Iceland has actually found a way of exporting entirely green energy right around the planet.

So why in buggery are the Greens complaining about it?

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  1. Not sure it’s fair to take ‘one mad pop star’ as representing ‘the greens’. Kit’s on the money here – ‘bugger the Solomon Islanders, I don’t want my mountain view spoiled by a nasty factory’…

  2. What the greens want is nothing to work. Everything man does is evil and contaminating. “The planet” will not be pure until there are no men on it.

  3. jus'askin(french edition)

    I really had hopes that with the disintegration of the Iceland economy we might have heard the last of this woman’s pontificating………oh well…

  4. “After touring for 18 months I was excited to return home a few weeks ago to good, solid Iceland and enjoy a little bit of stability.”


    Stupid airhead hasn’t noticed she is living on a bloody volcano. Bits of it have been appearing and disappearing for thousands of years. It’s one of the most unstable places on earth.

    They have two things going for them. One is the free energy. There is lava and steam pouring out of the ground anyway, so it makes sense to use that heat. The other is all that fish. It makes sense to eat rather a lot of fish.

    But she’s got rather a lot of money, so she doesn’t have to worry too much about staying solvent, unlike her fellow countrymen.

  5. Geothermal energy is derived from the relict heat of formation of the Earth plus radioactive decay of elements (notably Thorium) in the interior. Bearing in mind it’s been doing this for the past 4.6 billion years, the notion of ‘unsustainability’ starts to look a bit threadbare. Iceland is basically an upwelling of material from the mid-Atlantic ridge. It’s a shame it’s so far north that only 300,000 people live there.

  6. So why in buggery are the Greens complaining about it?

    Because it’s all about somebody making money and doing their bit to make the world a slightly more comfortable place. Saving the planet has got bugger all to do with it. But then we knew that already. Didn’t we?

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