Gay Nazi Party

Well, OK, not gay (perhaps bisexual) and definitely not Nazi.

The speculation was prompted by the far-Right leader\’s successor Stefan Petzner, 27, after it was revealed that Mr Haider was drinking in a gay bar with a male escort before he crashed his VW Phaeton while speeding under the influence of alcohol.

Mr Petzner, 27, now head of the Alliance of the Future of Austria, said: "We had a relationship that went far beyond friendship. Me and Jorg were connected by something truly special. He was the man of my life."

But a certain amount of amusement, none the less.

12 thoughts on “Gay Nazi Party”

  1. The big split between the National Front and the BNP was about homosexuality – the gay skinheads stayed in the NF and the straight Nazis joined the BNP.

  2. Having had the pleasure (?) of living not too far from an Earl’s Court Gay pub I can’t say I’m really surprised. Watching the arrivals and departures on Leather Boy Nights I used to wonder whether they weren’t holding a Nuremburg Rally Reprise.

    Oddly enough I never saw any chaps dressed up in quasi-soviet gear.

  3. “@ Stan, obviously you don’t “do” irony”

    Actually, I do – but this isn’t ironic. Unless you subscribe to stereotypical views of both gays and right wingers – which I don’t. What I certainly don’t do is find the death of someone else amusing.

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