George and donations

OK, so he discussed a donation and laid out what the law was about how such a donation could be made. Then we get this:

It is then claimed that the party decided not to accept the money. However, neither Mr Rothschild nor Mr Deripaska were told of this decision and no written record has been released detailing that this decision was made.

Hmm, well, that\’s pretty simple to work out. Look at the register of donations and see if the donation was made. If it wasn\’t I think we can safely conclude that the matter wasn\’t taken further.

One other thing. Bonus points for the first person to see a Lib Dem weighing in on this. For of course they accepted a donation, a very large one, which was channelled in exactly this manner.



5 thoughts on “George and donations”

  1. BBC:

    The Lib Dems said a “lot more questions” had to be answered about the affair and called for a parliamentary inquiry.

    And they gave Chris Huhne a minute of prime time yesterday evening.

  2. The figure for the donation discussed was about £50,000 according to Radio4, which is a bit less than the pension Mandelson gets from the EU.

    Can the media start focussing on more significant things?

  3. Chris,

    If they don’t then there’s a lot more to go on the list of ‘those first up against the wall’ come the glorious revolution…

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