Gosh, Really?

But Gordon Brown, Angela Merkel and Silvio Berlusconi all had very different agendas when they sat down to talk together – not least because the crisis has affected each of their countries differently.

You mean that different countries, with structurally different economies, all at different stages of the economic cycle, with differing likely responses to changes in interest rates, with different currencies, don\’t in fact either want or need a one size fits all solution?

Surely it would be better not to have such a one size fits all solution attempted and each country does what suits it best?

That is,. there\’s no point or reason for this to be an EU question?

2 thoughts on “Gosh, Really?”

  1. Well, yes, if you accept (which we have to as it has been passed into law, even if we loath it) the primacy of EU law. Because if it isn’t done as an EU thing, it will be, de facto and de jure, illegal state aid.

    And as countries other than France are wanting to do it, the EU will have to step in to stop them.

  2. There is of course one solution that would fit all of them. A tree, twenty feet or so of rope, and someone better than I am at knots (I’ll hold the ladder).

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