Greens and nuclear

This poses an interesting question really.

Normally scans to diagnose a new cancer or determine if it has spread would be carried out within one or two days but some patients are being forced to wait up to a month.

Hospital across the country are affected and at some points individual trusts have been working at only 30 per cent capacity.

The problem is due to a shortage of radioactive isotopes as a series of reactors are closed for maintenance or have faced unexpected problems.

Now we know that various Green types are adamantly against nuclear power generation. They say it\’s because of the evils of Teh Radiation and so on.

But what\’s the position on the medical use of isotopes? And, of course, their manufacture in reactors?

Note that it\’s a different sort of reactor, you don\’t just bung some stuff into Dungeness and then treat people. But it is a reactor, you do get radiation from it, you do get both high and low level waste, you do have to enrich the fuel and so on.

So you\’ve got all the same problems as you do with nuclear generation. So, do Greenies abhor this? Do they say that the risks of us all being murdered in our beds by Teh Radiation mean that we shouldn\’t be using these isotopes in medicine? That it is better that such patients die than we be exposed to the risks?

Anyone actually know whether there is consistency here?

2 thoughts on “Greens and nuclear”

  1. Evidence, Josh? Cos I’m sceptical you’ve got any.

    I’m pro-nuclear-power-ish myself, but the anti-nuclear-power Greens I know would say that there are plenty of viable alternatives to nuclear power, and none to medical radiation. Which does, obviously, make a difference (I’m normally opposed to eating people, but willing to make an exception if marooned up a mountain with no alternative food supply…)

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