MOTHERS of struggling families are shunning ready meals and buying cheaper fresh food as the credit crunch squeezes household budgets. The weekly shop is now healthier than it has been for a long time as even sweets are shunned as thrifty parents watch their pennies.

Well, that completely buggers the argument that the poor eat badly because they can\’t afford to eat well, doesn\’t it?

(Cue JohnB in 3,2,1…..)



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  1. Which of course anyone who does any shopping a super markets should know anyway. I’ve never understood how people could get away with the lie that the poor are too poor to eat healthily when the evidence to the contrary is there for us all to see everytime we pop down to Tesco. For someone to be too poor to eat healthily, they would have to be too poor to eat at all.

  2. I think that this argument depended on the supposition that the poor could not afford to get to Tescos, so instead stopped at local shops which had a poor selection and high prices (the so called food deserts effect). Subsequent research has apparently shown this to be untrue. I’m afraid I don’t have a link to the research as this was a statement I read in an article this weekend.

  3. “cook a risotto today; it’ll only take 10 minutes, it’ll only cost you a quid, it’ll taste OK, and it won’t turn you into an Islington arsehole. Or your money back”?

    Jesus … how do you cook a risotto in ten minutes? It takes me that long to open the pancetta once I’ve been at the Gavi di Gavi …

  4. The ‘poor’ have an education and culture problem here, not a money problem…

    The reason their attempts at cooking at more expensive than for other people is that cooking fresh requires greater storage space, more kit and more expertise — the despised job of ‘housewife’ actually requires a lot of competence to get it right, and people who have that, don’t have poverty issues normally.

    The best housewives plan their meals a month ahead, they buy and cook in bulk… and most importantly, they have trained their family to eat what is put onto the table and to make themselves a sandwich if the portion wasn’t quite large enough.

    If you disregard thrift and planning, then cooking from scratch will cost many times over what ready made unfood costs. Oh and once the planning falls over, half the kitchen rots too, and most of the poor already have issues in that department anyway.

    But enjoy your ability to cook from fresh whilst it lasts. It’s a lot more environmentally friendly to sell you UHT type ready meals that do not need refrigeration and that last a long while on the shelf and that can be nuked or reconstituted with boiling water(again, minimal energy costs), doing away with the need to allow you the luxury of owning a fridge, a freezer and your own cooker/oven.

  5. “Jesus … how do you cook a risotto in ten minutes? “

    You can’t. You can heat up a ready-meal version in the oven or microwave, but a real risotto takes time and effort.

  6. “…most importantly, they have trained their family to eat what is put onto the table and to make themselves a sandwich if the portion wasn’t quite large enough.”

    This is the key. Also, that dinners made with ‘leftovers’ are something to be looked down on.

    If you can’t buy a slightly bigger leg of lamb and get three meals out of it – the second and third being even more delicious than the original roast n’ trimmings, in my opinion – then you’re no cook…

  7. then you’re no cook…

    And therein lies most of the problem. Teaching people to cook is demeaning, in a world where you can “have it all”.

  8. The poor don’t eat badly. Folk who are really poor have to learn to cook real food, because they simply don’t have the means to do otherwise.

    The families who are living on junk food aren’t poor. They are just too lazy to cook properly, and more importantly, to train their children to eat proper meals at the table. It takes staying power to do that.

  9. Well Former Tory, it used to be common sense to train girls to run a household. But because being a housewife nowadays is a badge of shame and a repressed position only held by downtrodden, uneducated, unliberated wives, girls no longer get trained in this vile, oppressive art.

    Men usually are not that interested in playing house in a practical way — in over 45 years on this planet in all walks of life I’ve yet to meet a guy whose skill and regularity in housekeeping and running a family can be compared to some of the classic, competent housewives I know.

  10. When’s the last time you went hungry, you cock-block neo-con? Why don’t you skip a meal becasue you have 30 cents in your pocket and tell me how that feels to you?

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