Hurrah, hurrah!

Finally, some sense in this matter:

In reality, Mr Justice Blake said…….. "The court is conscious that at the heart of military life and the sacrifices that soldiers make in the discharge of their duties is the military covenant. "Rewarding long and distinguished service by the grant of residence in the country for which the service was performed would, in my judgment, be a vindication and an enhancement of this covenant."

Damn right, they fight for us, are willing to die for us, it really isn\’t all that much to ask that we offer them the opportunity to live amongst us.


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  1. Was there anybody in the country with the exception of Gordon Brown and Jackie Smith who didn’t want to let these heroes stay? I only ever saw one lefty troll commenting that they were just mercenaries and he got a hell of a (deserved) verbal beating..

  2. When we consider the refuse we let in, no questions asked, it is, indeed, difficult to understand why pre-1997 Ghurkhas are not allowed to settle. Although, I can’t quite work out why they would want to come here.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    I agree it is hard to understand why these men were not allowed to stay. I’d vastly prefer the Gurkhas to the scum we did let in – and still can’t get rid of in some cases.

    But that’s not the point.

    They were and are mercenaries. They do not fight for the British Army because they love Britain but because we pay them a salary. They have gone to law to unilaterally have the terms of their pensions changed. They have now gone to law to unilaterally have the conditions of their employment changed too. They did not sign up for residency but for cash. So why should we give it except for our own reasons? I am rather surprised at TW for supporting such post-facto unilateral changes to contracts. I hope that the British Court system will support me if I take my employer to court and demand massive amounts of extra compensation.

    But the real issue is another one – this ought to have been left in the hands of the British people and the British Parliament. What we have seen is the on-going hijacking of British democracy but unelected Courts. This is a bad thing.

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