Ice rinks and paedophiles

I saw this story yesterday and just laughed it off as being one of those stupidities of modern life.

Plans for an ice rink were scrapped after fears were raised that it could become a child grooming ground for paedophiles.

However, I now realise that it\’s really really stupid, not just stupid or really stupid.

The ice rink was planned for a temporary floodlit area next to Bath Sports and Leisure Centre, and would have been monitored by CCTV and security staff.

Right, OK, know where that is, right next to the rugby club etc.

Staff and parents from St John’s raised concerns at a safety advisory group meeting last week about \’grooming’ by paedophiles.

OK, I also know where that is, my brother went there….hang on a minute, the damn things is on the other side of the river from the school.

What are they talking about? That some paedo is going to look over the river, up 20 feet and through a thick wall into the playground?

10 thoughts on “Ice rinks and paedophiles”

  1. Yes it’s amazingly stupid but if local councils will do this consulting with community groups, and if there’s a slight risk of anything unpleasant happening (however slight) then people will say no. It’s all part of the slide into a totally risk averse societal handicap (TRASH). And that’s how all great civilisations have eventually perished. The Dark Ages start here!

  2. Re: bawdy play

    Wonderful, isn’t it? Tits & arse & multiple murders to be had for the viewing by children of all ages on any number of tv channels 24/7 – (and let’s not even get into the internet thing) but a comedy written 300 years ago is still considered too daring.

    That must mean it’s better stuff by far – possibly even thought provoking – than the pap we’re getting, no?

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