If only

The research found that the new channel pulled in more than double the projected audience of 250,000, finding that 15 per cent of the Scottish population tuned into the station in the week following its launch on September 19.

One in four Highlands and Islands viewers tuned on over the first week.

The figures were seen as particularly encouraging as the channel only broadcasts between 5pm and 11pm each day and only boasts a budget of £14.

Should be able to cut the licence fee if that\’s all a TV station costs….

2 thoughts on “If only”

  1. I came across it flicking through the channels.

    It had the production quality of a school project and knowing the Scotch for “Dos cervezas por favor, Manuel” appears to qualify one as a Gaelic-speaker. An episode of Taggart is more difficult to understand.

    One wonders how they managed to spend as much as £14 million.

  2. One wonders how they managed to spend as much as £14 million

    The work of a moment, at the British Bastardly Corporation!

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