In praise of suburbia

I really do like this:

I think big ideas are overrated. My family have been chased all over the world by people with big ideas. We\’ve fought in their wars, starved in their prison camps, died in their gas chambers, fled their conquering armies, sewn on their yellow stars and surrendered our property to their armed guards.

Now we live in places such as Pinner, Hendon and Finchley. Sometimes we pootle down to the shops, sometimes we don\’t. One of us was unjustly awarded a parking ticket once. The garden could do with a mow. The suburbs are quiet and we are at peace. Give me the Citizen\’s Charter and the Cones Hotline and you can keep your big ideas.

Simply two excellent paragraphs.

1 thought on “In praise of suburbia”

  1. I think this is why the constant stream of impertinent ukases emitted by NuLabour politicians and their enabling halo of bureaucratic bansturbators reduces so many of us to furniture-gnawing rage. The suburbs are at peace: there is very, very little that the posse of failed polytechnic lecturers that now constitute our lords and master can do to improve matters. There is, however, a great deal of embuggerance and petty prodnosing that they can get up to. It’s commonly said that prior to WWI, an Englishman would think it preposterous that he should have to inform the authorities of his whereabouts, or that he should need a passport to catch a boat to the Continent. Oh happy days! The chief joy of being a Briton was that one could, if one chose, go from cradle to grave without interacting with the agents of the State except in the most distant and evanescent fashion. I honestly think that a party that stated its chief policy goal be to bugger off and leave us all alone would romp home in a landslide.

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