It\’s happening…


The federasts are out in force, peddling their nonsense amongst us.

The financial crisis means we must join the euro!

Jebus wept. Just as we\’re seeing what a single interest rate is doing to Spain, Ireland and the like, we\’re told that we should subject ourselves to that same single interest rate.

Nutters, the lot of \’em, nutters.


7 thoughts on “It\’s happening…”

  1. There is a problem here, which is being exacerbated by the forced bank mergers and takeovers, that European banks, both within and outside the Eurozone, are too large for nation states to handle. Furthermore Britain is hardly better positioned than members of the eurozone despite the flexibility of its own monetary policy, in fact in some ways it is much worse.

  2. Don’t worry about it. They’re deluded, and they haven’t got a clue about economics. The euro is quite likely a dead man walking, and just about the only thing we have going for us is our ability to act independently now. They don’t understand the scale of the crisis, there’s no time to get into the euro now, we need quick action, and even that’s not going to prevent the crash.

  3. “in fact in some ways [the UK] is much worse [than the Eurozone]”

    I can’t see any obvious metrics under which this is the case – care to elaborate?

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