Absolutely crazed loons:

It also shows that 27 countries are "importing" more than half the water they consume – in the form of water used to produce goods from wheat to cotton – including the UK, Switzerland, Austria, Norway and the Netherlands.

They seriously seem to think that there\’s something wrong with trade. That, by growing wheat in an area where there\’s lots of rain and moving it to somewhere else, we\’re doing something wrong.

I\’m astonished that people this crazed are actually capable of typing up a report.

2 thoughts on “Loons”

  1. It’s just a plot by anti-free-traders to stop you buying Australian irrigated agricultural products, like rice and wine.

    It’s not just water.
    We’re making good use of something we’ve got a hell of lot of; very cheap land where there are very few clouds. Just bung a bit of water on it and Presto! The land is so cheap we can pay for the scarce water and still fly the stuff halfway across the world.

    But our Socialists want to spoil it too. Bastards…

  2. Your comment’s simplicity and brevity is admirable, Forester.

    But could you just expand a little on the “bung a bit of water on it and Presto!” bit? What is the situation in the Muray-Darling basin in terms of water resources (quantitative and qualitative), the historic water rights of the farmers, the growing needs of the urban population, etc.?

    How about the rest of the country? Huge landmass, but how much water, where is it, where’s the good soil, where are the people, …

    Feel free to give us ratings out of 10 for how trivial the challenges or obvious the solutions are.

    There are many admirable things about the Australian water industry, but one off the factors that makes them admirable is the severe water stress they are having to deal with!

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