New climate change report

The WWF says it\’s all happening much faster than anyone expected, that the year old IPCC report is now out of date and AIEEEEEEEE!!!! WE\’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!


Arctic sea-ice in September 1979 and 2007, showing the biggest reduction since satellite surveillance began.

Might I just point out that sea ice cover in the Arctic increased this year?

8 thoughts on “New climate change report”

  1. You might indeed. In fact sea ice cover is nearly 30% higher than this time last year.

    For some time now the Greenies have simply resorted to lies in order to push their case.

  2. They have to scream louder as too many people are ignoring the global warming scam and worrying about the economy and their jobs.

  3. Letters from a Tory – you’re right of course.

    But when did such scruples ever stop the warmists from screeching about one-year samples or singular events?

    Sauce for the goose and all that.

    The DT is beneath contempt on this, btw. It is simply mendacious. Somebody high up in the right families must work for WWF or something.

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