Oh fuck off, really, just fuck off.

Everyone who buys a mobile telephone will be forced to register their identity on a national database under government plans to extend massively the powers of state surveillance.

Phone buyers would have to present a passport or other official form of identification at the point of purchase. Privacy campaigners fear it marks the latest government move to create a surveillance society.

No, please, just go and do something useful for a change will you? Drown yourself in your own urine or something.

Quite apart from the insane insistence that the government has any right to know who owns a communications device it won\’t work anyway. It\’s not exactly difficult to buy a SIM card from another country where you do not have to offer such proof of identity.

Sure, your calls will be more expensive but that just means that only the criminals, to whom such privacy is highly valuable, will be outside your monitoring system.

Just do fuck off.

35 thoughts on “Oh fuck off, really, just fuck off.”

  1. Not forgetting second-hand and stolen phones (so it will then become illegal to sell phones or be a victim of crime).

    This has nothing to do with terrorism and everything to do with tracking, tracing and snooping on the population. All you have to do is replace “Government” with “governing party” or “Party” for short, and you can see why they are doing it. Watergate was specific bugging, whereas merely by spying on the whole population it becomes trivial to spy on political opponents and other undesirables.

  2. “Britain’s estimated 40m prepaid mobile phones……they are also used by thousands of law-abiding citizens”

    How many terrorists are there?!!!!!

  3. Tracking just the IMEI number is pointless since (as you point out) it can be changed. But then this isn’t about getting a system that stops terrorists, it’s about a system that snares 99% of the population into the giant Ministry of Truth database, to be used to weed out “inappropriate” thoughts.

    The irony of all this is that this mega database won’t be used by the left – they will merely have assembled the infrastructure for the authoritarian right to use against the trade unionists, Labour party members, the Guardianistas, etc. You know, a tiny part of me relishes the idea of the likes of Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper, and our dear Jackie ending up behind barbed wire in a work camp on a Scottish isle.

  4. The point is not that the Governing Party can do such a thing given a majority in the Commons, but that there’s no limitation of political power (aka a written Constitution) that prevents them.

    I suspect that Timmy delves into colourful metaphors when he realises he can’t blame foreigners for a British political problem.

    So the UKIP has an answer to this? Erm, no it doesn’t.

  5. A couple of other things come to mind,

    Those without passports or driving licences? I’m sure some sort of national identity card would solve that problem.

    Want to use a payphone? Again, maybe put your ID card into a slot if you are using cash.

    Oh and of course, if they know who owns a mobile they can also track where you are all the time.

  6. Kay Tie,

    “authoritarian right” = “left”

    They are one and the same. There is no political difference between them. It will be the very same Labour Party and Guardianistas that will use these powers against us.

  7. I think Winston has hit the nail on the head. It is a part of the softly softly approach to bringing in ID cards.

  8. So the UKIP has an answer to this?

    One would hope that that answer would be “don’t do it,” or to repeal any such law that has been passed.

  9. “Those without passports or driving licences? I’m sure some sort of national identity card would solve that problem.”

    I predicted this (and was poo-poohed). There will be a raft of these measures, justified by the hysteria at the time, but designed to embed the ID card as a means of control.

    Next in line: alcohol banning orders, so we will all have to show an ID card to get a drink in a pub or buy it at the supermarket to (the under 21s will naturally be banned from buying alcohol in supermarkets).

    Where will it go after that? Rationing, I think (or “choice editing” in the NewLabourSpeak of today). A limited number of cigarette purchases, held on an ID-card indexed database, for those caring for children. A limited number of purchases of alcohol for those deemed “at risk” of excess. And so on.

    Call me paranoid, but I’ve been right so far.

  10. “One would hope that that answer would be “don’t do it,” or to repeal any such law that has been passed.”

    A new, written constitution. Approved by the people. Guaranteeing a right to privacy in such a way as to outlaw these and similarly authoritarian proposals, and the binding all future parliaments to this constitution.

  11. If this is all part of the slicing approach, gradually cutting away freedoms then it can only lead to one place.

    Next we will have to register our email addresses because terrorists and criminals use the internet too, then usernames, eventually we will all have one unique online identity.

  12. The American governing class ignores their Constitution whenever it feels strongly enough about something. The modern US was made by two unconstitutional actions, the Louisiana Purchase and the Civil War. Be careful where you put your faith.

  13. “Next we will have to register our email addresses because terrorists and criminals use the internet too, then usernames, eventually we will all have one unique online identity.”

    Yep. Pretty much what is heading round the corner. You know, blogs have to be regulated, right?

  14. “The modern US was made by two unconstitutional actions, Louisiana Purchase and the Civil War.”

    And the Indian Wars. Yes, paper ultimately can’t stop an overly powerful executive. Vastly better than what we have now, though.

  15. @Kay Tie

    In the US under 21s already can’t buy booze in supermarkets. In some states (Oregon for one) minors aren’t even allowed to *enter* the state stores that sell hard liquor (as opposed to wine).

    And re giant databases, a re-read of Heinlein is always interesting as he’s been right about most developments technical & social so far.

  16. Right, time to dig out my old French and Belgian SIM cards, although given that this is all stemming from the EU I suspect they won’t be safe for much longer.

    I did hear the other day that when someone takes a photo on a phone it’s tracked on GPS or somesuch. Can anyone confirm?

  17. “I did hear the other day that when someone takes a photo on a phone it’s tracked on GPS or somesuch. Can anyone confirm?”

    That’s geotagging: some phones support it. It’s so that you can find out where you took your holiday snaps. It’s only in some phones (with GPS), and only then if the damned phone works properly (I’m looking at you, Nokia).

    For the first time in ages with this stinking Government I’m able to say “nothing to see here”.

  18. My bloody phone doesn’t take photos I can use in any case but still, it’s good to know I can’t be tracked when I try to take a photo of my hanging baskets.

  19. “If your mobile phone is on, I can find you to within 7 metres.”

    Where cell density is high. In the boonies accuracy drops to miles. But your point stands: this is about tracking the population as a whole and most of the population lives in the cities.

  20. First thought, time to stack up on a load of pre-pay sims and cheapo phones. Lots of money to be made if this is ever implemented.

    Second thought. Fuck. Time to set fire to the houses of parliament. All we need to do is make sure the entire labour party is in there. Cunts. Excuse my french.


  21. OH are you sure it’s just going to be a walk?

    What’s the point if we don’t kill every one of the fuckers?

    Seriously, I think it’s getting to that time. I’ll bring the rope, Boris can provide the lampposts.

  22. As Kay Tie says, this is just a measure that is being suggested to show a “use” for ID cards. The original govt line, that you’d never need the damn things, is unravelling as they seek to show need. So we get suggestions of needing to show id when you rent a house, take a hotel room, buy a phone – all to counter terrorism, natch. Then there will be show an ID card when you sign up with an ISP – to stop turrsm and that pesky child porn – eventually, swipe your ID before you even connect to the net, anywhere – ditto.

    Watch the tories. Watch them. If they renege on ID cards, that IS IT! That signals there is not even a trace of democracy in the UK and we are just cattle. Watch them. If they pull a switch on ID cards, that’s the moment to gather milkbottles and unleaded.

  23. You need a passport to get a mobile.

    You need an ID card to get a passport.

    This is simply a way to accellerate the “compulsion by stealth” of the entire population onto the National Identity Register, the biggest and most intrusive Government database outside of China. This is the way to get people who don’t leave the country and don’t go to University.

    This really is time to join NO2ID if you haven’t already, and give some time and money to opposing these schemes.

  24. terrorists and criminals have access to fake passports and other documents, so who the fuck are the government trying to kid!?!
    this is all about gathering information on all of us then sell it to the highest bidder.
    terrorism ended in this country when the ira laid down thier weapons and joined parliament.
    remember,guy fawkes was the only person to enter parliament with true intentions.

  25. I feel so saddened by the fact that not only is this happening in America but other countries will be doing the same. I don’t even know anyone in this country that supports the Patriot Act which is anything but, HR 1955 SR1959, or any of the atrocities carried out by this f*cked up ‘government’ around the world. When will they ever stop?

  26. This is so funny, soon I will know everything about everyone, then nobody will be able to stop me MMMMOOOOWWWWWAAAAAAAA
    You will all be so scared to do anything you will fall in line, tell on your family and neighbours and those who don’t will develop paranoia mental illness, many will die.
    This is the way of the NAZI this is modern life, this is libertarianism.
    Fuck you

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