A father of three who underwent a routine vasectomy at his local GP surgery was left fighting for his life in hospital after suffering gangrene.


It wasn\’t until his stitches burst that he was rushed to hospital and doctors realised how serious his condition was.

Sob, sob, ouch!


3 thoughts on “Owoooooowoooooowoooow!”

  1. ‘gangrene’ usually refers to death of tissue/organ from infection or lose of blood supply.
    This sounds more like severe localised infection. Unless some unmentioned part is no longer with us.

  2. John–whether it’s gangrene or not depends on the causative organism of the infection (B. welchi) rather than on the form or extent of the damage. Infection of any bacterial type is more likely where circulation is reduced and may lead to death of tissue but isn’t “gangrene” without the appropriate organism.

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