Polly reviews a new shopping centre

There is something ominous about Westfield making its first "anchor" store Debenhams – the group devoured by private equity greed, asset-stripped, and pushed back on the market, denuded and loaded with debt.


3 thoughts on “Polly reviews a new shopping centre”

  1. I was amused to see the inevitable call for more “affordable housing” in the comments. Leaving aside the fact that housing is generally becoming all too affordable, I can confirm (as a local) that there is already far too much affordable housing in the area, judging by the crowds of shambling soap dodgers one sees drifting through the streets on the rare occasions one is in the area during the day.

  2. and the contributions the developer (neatly outside the congestion zone) apparently made to Mr Livingstone. Any story there at all?

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