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This isn\’t going to turn out well, is it?

Words to draw a picture of good government hold the key to winning the Keynes v Hayek argument.

Polly\’s going to explain the difference between those two to us?

I think I need to build my strength before looking at that one.

OK, I had a go at that one here.


7 thoughts on “Polly Today”

  1. “I think I need to build my strength before looking at that one.”

    I delved into the mire for you. According to Polly, the biggest barrier to winning the argument is the weird and inexplicable view expressed in opinion polls that the Government doesn’t spend our money very well, and that if Gordon could explain how wonderful Government spending actual is we’d all be living in a sunny land full of happy equal people.

  2. She was spot on with this:

    The truth is, few have changed their mind, apologised for past errors or learned any lessons… Gordon Brown seems unable to stop saying things so blindingly untrue that you wonder how he gets the words out.

    (OK, I edited out a sentence or two).

  3. a new FDR? as I recall FDR perpetuated the slunp into a depression. OK I also believe that many of his infrastructure projects paid off eventually and paved the way for prosperity in the ’40s and after- but we need a lot of faith in the value of investments before we agree to six years of penury to make them.

  4. Unemployment was on some measures higher at the end of the 1930s than at the start. Yeah, that’s what we need, a new New Deal.


  5. You needing to build your strength before fisking Polly reminds me of the great Pournelle’s dictum: “I do these silly things so that you don’t have to”.

    And for your efforts, as for his, we are all profoundly grateful.

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