Processed food is good for you!

All this natural stuff, eat unprepared foods, rubbish….

Both popular foods contain a modified form of pectin, a natural fibre found in fruits and vegetables that is widely used in food processing.

A laboratory study by the Institute of Food Research found modified pectin releases a molecular fragment that curbs all stages of cancer progression.

Professor Vic Morris, who led the research, said: "The treatments used by the food industry to modify pectin would emphasise the release of the fragment we\’ve identified."

The more processed it is the better!

Wonder what\’s beneficial in processed pizza?

3 thoughts on “Processed food is good for you!”

  1. Lycopenes in the tomato sauce. An antioxidant that is more common in processed, cooked tomato stuff than in raw ones. Some studies have show potential for protecting against cancer (though others haven’t).

  2. processed food is good for you!!
    yeah right
    next you’ll be saying that bears dont shit in the woods

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