So those confiscation orders of people as yet unconvicted of a crime.

They now apply to anyone carrying over £1,000 in cash.

And the police force prosecuting them gets 50% of the dosh.

Nothing can go wrong with this, can it?

8 thoughts on “Sigh”

  1. A grand isn’t even that much money these days. I’ve carried that much on me when I’ve bought a used car.

    BTW, did I mention I hate the scum running this country?

  2. I recall reading somewhere that the Inquisition actually reduced the number of prosecutions for witchcraft and sorcery throughout Europe (with Torquemada being a particularly active reformer) by simply discontinuing the practice of forfeiture (which had gone to various law officials) and the paying of rewards or bounties to those who informed on their infernal neighbors.

  3. gene

    it’s all to do with incentives – set the right objectives and what you want to happen will happen. Force everyone to drive at 50 mph to maximise mpg and sit back and watch road deaths as everyone drives through town at 50 mph

  4. If I were a crook, I’d be joining the police force.
    The potential for corruption is vast.

    Most people have some particular passion, eg their car, house, garden, golf clubs, on which they splash out. So if you have a really classy wristwatch, you are now liable to get picked up and made to prove your money was honestly earned? No-one can do that. You can’t prove a negative.

    I’m not saying the police are corrupt. I’m saying if I wanted to ensure they become corrupt, this is how I’d do it.

  5. When we bought our Chihuahua puppy two years ago we had £1500 in cash on us. Perfectly legit. Why should I have to prove anything when under English law I’m innocent until PROVEN guilty? I hate this bastard government. It is trying to make us all criminals.

  6. I’ve got a pedigree Alsatian in this matchbox you could have. He’s great with children, and he doesn’t eat much. A real bargain at £1000.

    My neighbour’s little girl came running home from school shouting “Mammy, mammy, the teacher has put my caterpillar in a jam jar at the front of the class, and soon it will turn into a lovely clitoris and fly away!”

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