Silly Buggers

So lawyers work too hard and something must be done.

The study calls for more teamworking, rather than things being built around a partner; communication with clients to ensure that deadlines are realistic; less emphasis on being present in the office; and the measurement of “output not input”.

They seem to have rather missed the point that the entire industry is based upon "billable hours". They just ain\’t never going to agree to billing upon output….for of course how can you measure the output of a lawyer? The value added?


2 thoughts on “Silly Buggers”

  1. “…an so it came to pass that the spirit of the recently deceased lawyer arrived at the gates of heaven. “But why did I have to have a heart attack”, implored the lawyer’s spirit to St Peter “I was only 46”. “Oh really?”, said the keeper of the pearly gates. “There must be some problem with our records. According to your billable hours, you were 106”.

  2. There ought to be a market solution. A law firm should advertise for staff saying that it’ll pay less than its competitiors but demand fewer hours. Then it should advertise its services along the lines of “Hire us, and your work won’t be done by exhausted, greedy, anal-obsessives”. Why hasn’t it happened?

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