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The problem with nationalisation

Is that, now that we, the public, own the company, any old member of we the public starts to tell the company what to do.

As here. The banks should stop investing in fossil fuel projects. Any and every interest group with an ox to gore will be saying that public ownership means that their pet cause should be at the forefront. And that way disaster lies of course.

6 thoughts on “The problem with nationalisation”

  1. Here’s a cunning plan.

    Gummint invests £50 billion in new bank shares.

    AIH, gummint spending is about £50 billion per month.

    Solution: for the next one month, all public sector salaries, welfare and pensions payments etc will be paid in bank shares!

    That’s that fixed.


  2. Does this mean we can all write to the banks and them how much they owe us and charge them £35 each for the privilege ?

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  4. Nationalisation is an excellent way of gaining more political power. jobs for the lads etc.
    But is it not traditional for nationalised industries to promptly go on strike.

  5. Tim,

    Absolutely spot on. This is precisely my immediate reaction. Once they get their claws in, they will, they MUST control it, as otherwise they would be failing in their (perceived) responsibility to the taxpayer. Let the lobbying begin. All the insidious maggots, special interests, moonbats, axe-grinders, bleedin hearts and Polly Toynbee will crawl out of the woodwork.

    With such control over banks, who is not to say they can force the use of the National ID Card in any form of transaction on the high street and all manner of other meddling.

    I have said elsewhere that if they are going to inject, buying shares is the least bad way to do it, but it comes with such enormous downsides. The State is a monopoly and like a hammer, it sees only nails, it wants only nails. It wants monopolistic control, not plurality. Unlike private companies operating in a truly free market (note: we do not have one), the State can use the law to force its monopolistic ambitions.

    Pte Frazer, your queue…

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