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Those "temporary" government programs

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  1. Just this Friday all German Taxpayers took a holiday to celebrate the first 18 years of the temporary “solidarity” tax imposed to assist with Eastern Germany reunification.

    Sounds scary in light of the vote this week to initiate the Soviet Republic of America.


  2. You’re right, DavidV. And, if I were so inclined, I could probably come up with a dozen or so laws of quite ancient vintage which were originally hatched as temporary, “emergency” measures. A few are even Depression-era holdovers, like the REA (rural electrification administration) and one that is prominent continually with respect to money-laundering, etc. and nit-picking banking regulations (“know your customer” laws) was enacted in my youth (I’m 72) to prevent people in the U.S. from sending money to recipients in Cuba 9as part of economic sanctions enacted under JFK and LBJ (don’t remember which, though suspect the latter—seem to remember his voice letting people know how critical it was not to be sending Uncle Jose any money for his birthday lest Fidel appropriate it and spend it on nucular—his accent was pretty much like W’s—weaponry).

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