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At CiF.

So, just how much time does it take to recycle?


5 thoughts on “Timmy Elsewhere”

  1. Pearls before swine.

    Expect the usual ad hominem attacks, angry assertions of “facts”, talk of a higher nobility to recycling, etc.

  2. I used to get a vague idea of what was worth recycling whenever I went to the county dump. There was always a tinker or two asking for a look at my car boot before I added to the skips. What was worth salvaging, they took away to dismantle for scrap or sometimes repair for resale.

    For some reason not clear to me, when recycling came into fashion, the Council chased the tinkers away.

  3. Tim, you made it way too difficult for the Guardianistas – most of them simply could not understand the problem

  4. Tim

    In a way, it is a compliment. You have established yourself as a brand which the non-thinking Guardianista doesn’t feel like confronting. As a libertarian, you are simply beyond the pale of rationality – at times I wonder whether 19thc guardianistas would have talked about Jews in the same way – and therefore your arguments are obviously bogus and worthless. Try a new name if you are sincere in wanting to engage in discussion with the quarter-wits – I fear that education these days is so bad that half-wits should now be reduced.

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