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Off to the land of moules frites.

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  1. The BBC and other media seem seized by the idea that the present economic discomfort is somehow a benefit to Gordon Brown, the “saviour” of the financial system.

    Spin, no doubt, and I have my doubts whether the voters are impressed. Anyone got a thought on this?

  2. “present economic discomfort is somehow a benefit to Gordon Brown”

    One advantage to us is that his smiles are genuine (he is really enjoying the doom) and we are therefore spared that horrible kiddie fiddler grin he throws on to his face at random moments.

  3. I think Labour have been aided by the fact that there has been a Republican government in Washington. If it had been a Democrat administration the right-wing blogs and papers would have been full of horror stories about nationalisations etc, and the Conservative Party here would have been much more critical. But as its Hank Paulson, former head of Goldmans and Republican, that has been doing it, it’s deflected a lot of that.

    Also really so far the crisis has been one of financial markets, and desperate attempts (the Spectator was particularly laughable) to blame it on the Left not withstanding, most people are well aware that this is not really Brown’s fault. What will be much harder for him to deal with is when house prices are much lower, unemployment much higher and disposable incomes being squeezed.

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