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Drink crazed loons and daylight savings time.

3 thoughts on “Timmy Elsewhere”

  1. Is Indiana hot enough to require A/C in the summer during the day, but not at night? If so, the impact of DST on A/C usage would skew the study to the extent that it isn’t valid for drawing UK conclusions.

    Tim adds: John, you’re normally better than that. A change in time zones changes the amount of light one has at a certain time of day: but not the temperatures that you face over the day. AC usage will be the same (as indeed would heating usage) whatever the time zone.

  2. I think we should put clocks forward by an hour at 2 pm and back by an hour at 2 am daily. The result would be bright mornings, bright evenings, an hour less at work and an hour extra in bed every day. This plan should also save energy, as we use less when sleeping than working.

  3. Tim – no, because sleeping vs being awake changes energy use patterns (if I’m asleep on an autumn night, I don’t need the heating on; if I’m up on an autumn day, I don’t need the heating on – but if I’m up on an autumn night, then I might).

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