Well, sorta

This is really rather fun:

"M.D Creekmore" has been running the Survivalist Blog, warning Americans to prepare for a repeat of the Great Depression and Zimbabwean-style hyperinflation, from a 26ft caravan parked on a strip of wasteland in the Deep South.

The site details how he forages for food in the surrounding countryside, enjoys light from a home-made solar generator converted from an old lawn mower and supplements his income by doing odd jobs.

But despite carrying advertisements to help cover the running costs, he has now lost his internet connection after funds dried up.

His poignant last message to readers almost three weeks ago, lamenting his situation, has attracted attention from under pressure City traders in London who have been circulating excerpts by email.

In the message posted on September 11 he finally admitted that his "homestead kitty" was empty and he now had to rely on a friend for internet access in order to make occasional postings.

He has been unable to add any new messages since then, as the world world stock markets have plummeted.

Rather than offering advice on how to save money and live simply he resorted to asking readers for tips on how to earn some extra cash.

Tee hee and all that. However, this does rather ring true:

He went on: "No matter what the experts say, blogging is not a good way to make a living, or even earn a little extra cash.

"The truth is when it comes to making money publishing a blog is one of the worst things you could do.

"Only a few ever make enough to cover costs and only a handful ever make a good profit."

The number of people who make anything more than pin money from blogging is tiny.

However, the number who make good money by having blogged is rather larger.

2 thoughts on “Well, sorta”

  1. My experience is similar. Blogging hasn’t made me money but I’ve met some interesting people as a result of writing the blog. These people have introduced me to other people, and so on.

    As you say, all this can only be good for business.

  2. You wouldn’t be referring to the “business” which was the subject of the previous post, wouldjer? Listen up, DaveDude.

    I guess it all depends on whether you got the right shit to spread around.

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