Whoop whoop

Britain has become the first country in the world to make a legally-binding commitment to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 80per cent by the middle of the century.

Exciting eh?

In reality, a lot of sound and wind signifying nothing.

Mr Miliband said: "We all know that signing up to an 80 per cent cut in 2050, when most of us will not be around, is the easy part.

"The hard part is meeting it – and meeting the milestones that will show we\’re on track.

Quite. We\’ll do something,  we know not what but they will be the wonder of mankind.

6 thoughts on “Whoop whoop”

  1. It’s pretty funny, given that Labour are not doing anything serious to try and meet the Kyoto 10% reduction by 2012 (thank goodness).

    Labour promise a 10% reduction over 10 years and emissions have actually gone up, so the obvious thing to do is to promise 80% over 40 years! After all if you can’t manage 10% per decade, why not promise 20% per decade?

  2. In the US ,the UK and Canada are held up as sterling examples of Kyoto signers..
    It doesn’t matter if you did anything…just that you signed..

  3. Sadly hanging the 6,000,000 employees of the public sector will be insufficient to meet this target. I would hesitate to suggest killing their families as well, but it appears that it might be necessary.

  4. 110% would show more piety.

    Legally binding – How so and with whom? If they don’t reach it will they sue themselves?

    Time was when politicians balked at the idea that they could have their hands tied by a previous administration, or tie the hands of a future one.

    I guess they are all yellow bellied, spineless, cowardly, yes-men these days.

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