You what?

The Government used anti-terrorism powers to freeze an estimated £4 billion of British financial assets in Landsbanki, Icesave’s parent bank. A spokesman for the Treasury said that the 2001 Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act was invoked as a “precautionary measure”.

I\’m not arguing with the decision but don\’t these anti-terrorism laws get everywhere?

6 thoughts on “You what?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Wow. So rarely do you see laws abused so badly. Just the sort of people we need to give more powers to so they can seize “drug dealers” property without trial. And 42 Days? Not longer enough. After all these lads are entirely trustworthy and would never abuse a law intended for a completely different purpose would they?

  2. Christ on a bike! What made UK Councils invest so much money in Icelandic institutions! They have been on the verge of bankruptcy for months now! Just how do you get to be a Council Finance official?

  3. Here’s yet another politician who doesn’t understand law:

    “We have had plenty of examples recently of local councils using existing anti-terrorist legislation for completely different purposes than the legislation was ever set up to do,” Tory peer Baroness Hanham said.

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