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Abolish the BBC

And make the country happier.

Academics found happy people socialise more, read more newspapers and have more sex – but watch less television.

Those who are unhappy watch up to 30 per cent more television than happy people, John Robinson and Steven Martin of the University of Maryland discovered.

There\’s the usual academic quibbling about correlation and causation, of course, but we don\’t need to worry about that too much. A simple overview of the dreck that is pumped out is enough to nail it, it\’s the TV watching that makes you unhappy.

Thus the abolition of the BBC will make people happier. QED.

10 thoughts on “Abolish the BBC”

  1. I’m not sure how flippant you are being here, but this really doesn’t hold water.

    Causation is almost certainly in the other direction – i.e. when people are depressed, they often sit around at home all day with the TV on.

  2. Well, it doesn’t really matter which way causation runs, the end of TV would mean these people would be forced to get up and interact with others and that would make them happier, no?

  3. “people would be forced to get up and interact with others and that would make them happier, no?”

    No. They could take up knitting, drugs, or even Sodoku.
    Please can we leave social engineering to Our Great Leader.

  4. Not only is the BBC corrupt, fascist, and internationally loathed, it is also CRAP. The BBC is the exception that proves the rule:
    ‘Anything is better than nothing’
    If it was free it still wouldn’t be valid because of the harm it does by existing at all. It is best described as the drunk at a wedding who goes round stealing everyones drinks.
    It would be a better Internet/World without

  5. The BBC is the official Mouthpiece of New Labour. It employs the lowest calibre of staff from sink universities. The scripwriters, journalists and backroom staff all come from the Marxist school of poor quality. Just listen to interviews with people who dont toe the McBroon line of communist thought. Get rid of the BBC. It is past its sell by date. It stinks.

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