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Black women earn more than white women!

That\’s one thing that\’s come out of the latest ONS figures.

The average earnings of black women in Britain are now higher than their white counterparts, according to government statistics.

But before we all become delirious with joy over this proof of how race discrimination has fallen, ponder this:

The Equality and Human Rights Commission said the figures may be explained by the fact that half of all black women live in London, where average pay is higher than elsewhere in the country.

Indeed it is. Using male figures for last year, median London wages are north of £20 an hour, in the NE, £12.50 or so.

This is in fact very little to do with racial discrimination, rather, to do with geographic concentration of immigrants in the highest paying area of the country. Where you\’d sort of assume immigrants would end up anyway.

7 thoughts on “Black women earn more than white women!”

  1. Interesting the Equality and Human Rights Commission didn’t immediately assume discrimination and sought some other explanation.

  2. Also would be interesting to see the breakdown between public and private sector employment.

    Tim adds: public sector, using the same measurement methods, gets 8% more than private. However, not sure that you can use more than one category….public/private and race, for example. But just google for “ONS ASHE” and you’ll get to the raw figures.

  3. What happens when , one day, someone declares racial discrimination is over?
    Will angels ascend and cherubims cheer?

  4. good point. racism will never end until we accept the fact that we are incapable of living together.
    it is natures way , the strong overtake the weak and the weak are left to die. we are the strong they are the weak. them and thier pittiful allah

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