BNP membership list

I see from around the place that the entire BNP membership list has been posted up online.

Not sure if it\’s still up or not but….does anyone have a copy of it? A link even?

Update. I have it now, thank you!


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  1. Been looking since the first announcement, seems they were taken back down again pretty sharp-ish. Haven’t been able to find them all afternoon, just news stories linking back to Have even found your site on the first page of results after trying some variations of applied googlage.

    Feel free to email me a link if/when you find them, I reckon if you post the link publically you’ll have angry skinheads at your door. If they were up long enough keep an eye on wikileaks.

  2. This could be fun. I reckon there’s been a major Data Protection Breach here.

    Question also is, certain organisations such as the Police have membership of the BNP as being incompatable with their duties. (frankly I want the Police to arrest the bastards who broke into my shop in 1992 and 2003-I don’t care if the officers displays as Heinrich Himmler or Che Guevara poster in ther room. Left wing Council’s no doubt will be interested. I can see all sorts of discipline, grievance and unhair dismissal claims coming out of this

  3. Can I ask what would Tim’s reaction be if the UKIP’s membership list, complete with addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and occupations were to be posted up onto Wikileaks?

    I do not support the BNP at all. The question is about freedom of conscience and the right to privacy.

    Tim adds: “Can I ask what would Tim’s reaction be”….sure. Ask away.

    Badda boom tish!

    Anger, a desire to find out who had done such a thing and an attempt to get it off the net before anyone downloaded it. Which I’m sure is the BNP’s reaction.

    However, I also know that everyone and their mother in the political world would be trying to download the list for their own purposes. As they are right here.

  4. I’m sick of hiding . I want the list to expose me….I see scum around my town draining the towns social and health resources..bring it on…….I support any party that puts its elderly ,its own country and its own people first.
    Patriot or Racist what am I ? Its a very thin line….thats why this country does F…all

  5. “Rich D ” Any of these you?
    Bramble Cottage, 21 Carlton Road
    NG32 2BG
    07776 253374
    [email protected]
    14 Fieldway
    GU27 2AX
    01428 651302
    23 Bowness Close
    Lakeside Gardens
    Isle of Man
    IM3 2DJ
    01624 615503
    4 Derwent Avenue
    ST15 8FX
    [email protected]
    34 Main Street
    South Dalton
    East Yorkshire
    HU17 7PJ
    07941 773994
    [email protected]
    Activist. Was 17618 (05)
    2 Beacon Close
    SO16 8JR
    02380 738053
    07863 292387
    121 Goldstone Crescent
    East Sussex
    BN3 6LS
    01273 273540
    [email protected]
    Family: Pamela Duffield

  6. Well he must be one of them, I was just about to post an identical list.

    Assuming he is a “Rich D”, & not making brave statements under a pseudonym before crawling back under his rock to hide from the nasty lefties & liberals.

  7. anyone white who lives in england an does not support the BNP is a complete idiot and i pitty them. i invite anyone to argue with me because i no im right.
    P.S the only reason we dont express our views pubilically is because we most certainly do not have the right to freedom of speech.

  8. This event has truly been a shed of light on the BNP issue, I myself have great support for the BNP and would sign up for membership (If i had the money) anyone who feels that the BNP has been beaten think again not one person on the entrie website including EVERY forum poster is ashashed they all “stand proud” as do I. This is there chance to rise given by an idiotic liberal.

  9. lol ok answer the care homes question earlier please? and “Hatred is the coward’s revenge for being intimidated.”

  10. I find it funny that anon calls Richard d a racist i myself a finnatical supporter of BNP have SEVERAL ASAIAN FREINDS WHO FEEL THE EXACT SAME NOT TO MENTION A COMMUNIST!

  11. white people in CARE homes because we CARE for them hence the word CARE in CARE homes because they cannot CARE for themselves.
    o i am not intimidated i am just looking after my best interests since the operessve government have decided that i am not alowed to think the thoughts i do. your the coward hiding behind law to avoid an argument

  12. your the retard for thinking i am a retard. you think you way of thinking benfits this country…
    name 5 things imigrants to to benefit this country ?

  13. Similar veiws does not mean they support BNP they hate it for its White only regime they have the same radical veiws get your facts right.

  14. hey adam you really are a lemon arent you, ‘we send them to CARe homes because we CARE’. if you cared for them so much you would CARE for them at your home like they did for you!!!!!!!! and Goodall how about you just publishing your details on here and we’d just pretend you have a Gold Membership

  15. we send them there because we cannot look after them. wait r u telling me you still live with mummy is that it ?
    and im still waiting for those 5 things or are you strugling ?

  16. Nice to see you can’t back that up. As for the forum i am expressing the veiws of those on the list by comparison with my own you only have to make a few clicks to see the true veiw of the nation the list as i have argued above (you clearly havnt read) has had a positive effect on the Members.

    Unfortunatly i cannot stay to Continue to kick your ass so i bid you adue.

  17. i do not have a clear undersatnding on why other than to ‘work’ immigrants are allowed in our country. i am not defending or attacking immigrants. i work pay my taxes and wake to continue on my rat race. im sure you do to

  18. i hope its an english lesson as you clearly have not grasped the engligh language yet. an illitarate you is another example of broken britain

  19. Hey, Haha They Saying On The News That It Might Of been Leaked By The BNP By Itself For Publicity- Anyway Has Anyone Got a copy They Like To Share?

  20. Are all BNP members this illiterate? No wonder they live in fear of losing their jobs, they shouldn’t be holding such prestigious positions with such a poor grasp of the english language.

  21. “adam.h // Nov 19, 2008 at 12:18 pm

    your the retard for thinking i am a retard. you think you way of thinking benfits this country…
    name 5 things imigrants to to benefit this country ?

    31 adam.h // Nov 19, 2008 at 12:19 pm

    well im waiting ?”

    You waited for precisely one minute.

    I’d hate to be in a queue with you…


  22. two more BNP members

    Nick Mason
    42 Offchurch Lane Radford Semele, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire CV31 1TN

    Emma Mason

  23. All you fascists posting on here need to get a life, the BNP is a legal political party, stop trying to curtail the freedom of the people. People like to harp on about diversity this diversity that etc., people are never going to be the same nor should they want to FREEDOM OF CHOICE, it’s the BNP stand for and having them as a party is a bit of diversity.

    All this is scare mongering to try and put people off voting for the party, a party that actually has policies worth voting for if you care to look. Instead your just moron’s brain washed by the tabloids & bias news, go back to your TV and watch your reality crap and continue with your silly little sheepish lives.

    The country has gone down the pan since the 1930s and they would do a much better job running this country than the bunch of cranks trying to run it now.

    As for people losing their jobs, bring it on is what I think most people would say thus enabling them to a hefty unfair dismissal claim.

    Why are white folks in homes anon, because the majority of people now are working till death to pay for all the scroungers that are in this country so that’s why the go into care homes as no one is there to look after them.

  24. Immigrants keep a lot of the economy moving – but I don’t expect adam to understand – judging by his grasp of English. It’s an itellectual thing. Oh go on then.. I’ll explain.

    I own 3 care homes. 40% of my staff are from abroad. Why? Because the local staff a) want too much money to make the business worthwhile 2) they are always going sick 3) don’t want to actually do anything when they are at work 4) do not want to train to provide higher standards of care 5) don’t like to do some of the jobs within the home. Overseas staff give none of this headache – and a lot of them are very highly educated

    Local brickies, plasterers, labourers, tilers etc all want paying a lot. The overseas people come in and do it for half the money – and do a job 10 times better.

    Without people spending money and companies employing people the economy grinds to a halt and then government loses tax money to invest in healthcare etc. There you go. 1st reason.

    Another good thing is they bring cultural diversity. A redneck hillbilly hermit may not want diversity but those of us who value self-improvement and knowledge welcome it.

    Oh and by the way, you want old people looked after? Most asians would never dream of sending their parents to a care home – no matter how ill they were – so your comment shows you to be much more selfish than you want to appear . Also, have you not read all the news over the last few years about how badly some folk are treated in care homes? No, didn’t think so.

    Your arguments are flawed – just like your spelling.

  25. if you want to diguss my english skills then go ahead. i got a good GCSE in it and dont particulary care about how good i am now beacuse it doesnt matter.
    the point is that THIS COUNTRY NEEDS THE BNP. end of story.

  26. too right that gooner is soooooooooo wrong . i dont no where he live but it aint england. and all of the bnp policies arnt about asians you dum shit. we do takle other issues like the fat nation and fags

  27. @ adam / john beeman / ben hancock

    1. None of you seems to have sufficient education or intelligence to even write a short sentence in ENGLISH, without littering it with spelling mistakes. You must be so proud to be English that you cannot even bother to learn the language.

    2. Over 90% of the language, that you are using, have been derived and developed using the language of other nations and cultures. So it would seem that you do want to be international citizens after all.

    3. The latest research suggests that all humans have common ancestors that spread across the globe from a starting point in what is now Africa. So to be proud of your heritage makes you proud to be black. This also suggests that everyone in the UK is either an immigrant or is descended from one. So you must be so proud to hate yourself.

    Good luck with the self-hate thing.

  28. Fiver says that adam / john beeman / ben hancock are the same person. Go on Mr site owner, check the IP address!

  29. It is also worth noting that none of the names appear on the BNP list. So they are NOT proud to be members of the racist organisation that they claim to support.

  30. Great last point!!! You have only to look into the recent past to see that a great many of our citezens are of immigrant origin. Go back a little further and you find that we are made up of a complete mixture of vikings, saxons, celts, jutes romans, east europeans, north africans etc., etc.
    I notice that many of the names on the list seem to have VERY foreign sounding names!!
    Let us not be confused here – the BNP is basically the modern NAZI party of the UK – it is populated by people motivated by hatred, jealousy, self denial etc and is led by some slightly clever people who know that they can use it as a vehicle to manipulate and exploit its members for cash, favours, self-agrandisement,kudos etc. Let them exist and let them speak, then we know who and where they are. Education is the only way forward – but some people are just beyond opening their minds (eg those above).
    History shows that these bigoted types have never prospered or succeeded in achieving anything. The most successful was Adolf Hitler – and look what happened there. He eventually showed his true colours – ie a total coward – aware of his “con” of his own german people he took his own life rather than face the music…

  31. Gonner, reading your note I was taken by the fact you run a care home and have taken time to support old or unsupported people. I agree some British people are lazy and are often to concerned with their own lives to think of the older members in their families.. However your argument is flawed the moment you refer to British or more to the point ‘white people’ as ‘red necks’, you then go on to compare such people to the Asian culture – I expect you are Asian? and to refer to the white as red necks, well you are in fact a racist and no better then some who have commented on here.

  32. Some famous socialist guy by the name of Ignazio Silone once said:

    The new fascism won’t call itself Fascism but claim to be ‘Antifascism’.

    What use is the list to you anyway since there is no ethical way of using it?

    I reckon the publishing of the list has brought the BNP many new sympathisers, and shown some people up very badly as anti-democrats who think bullying is a substitute for dialog.

    It has a strong whiff of Orwell about it, Honecker would be very proud of Labour today.

    Tim adds: It is of one specific use to me. A use to which I am putting it and then I’m going to forget about it.

  33. D – gooner is not referring to white people as red necks – take care to read posts next time before leaving comments on them – he is referring to racists and narrow minded idiots as red necks, and is right in doing so. Also his point is very correct about Asian culture, but does not necessarily mean he is Asian. I am white and have spent a lot of time in various Asian countries, and I whole heartedly agree with him.

  34. Here we have an organization that is raciest in nature, intolerant towards minorities and whose goal it is to make the life of all minorities unbearable, a white supremacist party. As a minority I have no confidence in any Police, doctor, nurse, teacher or anyone whose job it is to make the lives of all people including minorities better. I don’t want a raciest teacher teaching my child, I don’t want to see a raciest doctor if I am sick and I don’t feel safe having a raciest policeman to protect my rights. You are free to belong to whatever party you want I just don’t want you around me, don’t want to do business with you and don’t want you around my family.

  35. Our Trade Union, Solidarity, would like to caution bosses against taking any action in breach of employment and Human Rights law. We will extend immediate protection to anyone joining now without any qualification period. If any of our members is victimised on account of their perceived or actual views we will take immediate and effective action on their behalf. Additionally if any member is victimised as a result of any blog publishing their details Union officials will seek to trace the publishers and take appropriate civil and criminal proceedings against them.

  36. AndyGooner, the way you feel about the BNP members is exactly how many BNP members feel about ethnic minority people and other foreigners who themselves often act racist themselves towards the English and others.

    Maybe something for you to ponder? Fear is more of an issue here than loathing I think… but your proposed solution of a progrom against the BNP is a big problem. Becoming what you fight is never a good idea because you cannot unbecome.

    Tim: You stay classy…

  37. “Tim adds: It is of one specific use to me. A use to which I am putting it and then I’m going to forget about it.”

    Timmy is trying to look all mysterious and enigmatic. Only the lowest form of ingrate would fail to be impressed by this.

    I’m sure he will tell us when it’s over….

  38. I do understand what you are saying but these are people who hate me and my family because of the colour of my skin. How can I trust the teacher who have a dislike for my offspring’s to teach them properly so that they become functional members of the British society, how can I trust a doctor who dislike me because of my skin to heal me and my children. I am not going to have blind faith in a person whom I think wants to do harm nor will I do business with them. I do not have a problem with a Government trying to limit immigration or in any government trying to limit abuse of the system however I do have a problem with an individual joining an extremist party, a party of hate. If I had joined some sort of anti white hate group then I would expect you to feel the same about me but I would never do that. Everyone should turn their backs on hate regardless of the source of that hate whether black or white. I for one will make sure the people I do business with or come in contact with are not on this list if they are then I will turn my back on them that is my right. I do not hate people who are raciest, that is a wasted emotion but in the interest of self preservation I would rather keep my distance from them.

  39. ” but in the interest of self preservation I would rather keep my distance from them.”

    I don’t want to sound callous here Gooner, but we live in a society in which we have no right to vet the public servants who deal with us, whether that is in schools, hospitals, prisons, police stations, social services, or any other branch of the civil service. Not on any grounds.

    They can despise us if they want. There is no law against that. You don’t get to throw anyone out of a job, even if you can prove he hates you like stink.

  40. What you do get to do, is lodge a complaint if he delivers a substandard performance. And you get to do that on the merits of the individual case.

  41. Cinnamon and Monty you have both made some very good point thank you both for responding.

    But the very idea of for example, going to a doctor who hates my colour so much that he joins a raciest hate group who wants nothing more than to kick my head in and expects that doctor to provide me with the best service is in itself careless on my path, that is like putting my hand into a lions mouth and then complain when it bites. I knew there was a possibility of danger and yet I chose to tempt faith. These people are my lion and by joining a raciest group is the red flag signaling danger to myself and family. I have a right as an individual to vet the people I call friends, vet my doctor and vet the teacher teaching my child.

  42. i cannot beleive you are all so stupid. one day you will all realise the error you have made in not supporting the bnp. weather that be when you son or daughter is shot by an immegrant just after a few quid in thier pocket or when they become the majority ( because they have three children to every one of ours) and the wont treat us the same way we have treat them.
    O and AnoNmous if all you can say against what im saying is that it is spelt worng then i have obvously won the argument. amd just for your reference its called text talk (its quicker to type) since im quessing your some looser midlde aged prick who lives with is mum i dont experct you to understand.

  43. “I have a right as an individual to vet the people I call friends, vet my doctor and vet the teacher teaching my child.”

    It’s just been pointed out to you, clearly and concisely, that you don’t actually have that right. You seem not to have understood the point, though.

  44. o and i no we all came from africa i do have an education. but we evolved ( you do no what that means right) and they didnt. they are still scratching around in the dirt and eating bugs and drinking sewage while i sit here at a computer in a warm classroom with some nice sweets in my hand.
    i you think back to when england had a bnp out look ( victroian britain ) im not sure but i think we had the biggest empire the world has ever known. ” the sun never set on the british empire” so you tell me that bnp thinking doesnt work ?

  45. 8< – – – 8< – – – 8< – – – 8< – – – 8< – – – 8< – – – 8< – – – 8< – – – 8< – – –

    === Locations for the BNP members list 2008 ===

    –== Websites hosting the information ==–

    –== BNP Maps ==–

    Here are some fun sites that map your local ill educated moron:

    –== Torrents ==–

    Here are some reliable torrent links:

    8< – – – 8< – – – 8< – – – 8< – – – 8< – – – 8< – – – 8< – – – 8< – – – 8< – – –

    Please cut and paste and pass this list on!

  46. @ adam
    Sorry, but I only speak English, French, German and Russia. I do not fully understand the linguistics involved in the use of “Dumbass” as a language.
    Your only arguments, so far, are that you are a bigot and that you have some capacity to swear.

    If you had been educated, then you would understand that preaching a message of hate is wrong. You are no better than the likes of Al Qaeda. The main difference is that many of their members have been indoctrinated and / or brainwashed into their beliefs; whereas you just seem to live to hate.

    Your comment about “we” having evolved seems quite funny because you have obviously not.

    Plus, rights should be given to all in a fair world; with some withdrawn from those who abuse them.

    I still say that your ancestors were black and so are you. As a black man, you are welcome to join the society that I live in. As you are a purveyor of hatred it is not my job to judge you, but I do pity your existence.

  47. I just got someone to translate your nonsense about the British Empire.

    So you think it is okay to steal land, murder, rape, torture and pillage; in order that you can be part of a “master race”?

    Now who does that remind me of?

    Khan, Hitler, Bin Laden? You choose!

  48. you like me are entitled to your opinion and it is no more credible or correct than myn. however i would like to say that it is i that pitty them becasue for all their prowd culture and despriration for equality the still now and will contunue to do so rely on the white man or the ”western nations” for help.
    why they all wanted to come to england is beacuse i was such a good country, why you may ask ? well its because we had a sence of national pride and identity. that now like our welth and empire has slowly bieng strangled from our country by so called ”mulitculturism”.
    i invite your reply

  49. if bieng a ”bigot” means that i have national pride and some hope that with enough change our pussyof a government which is run by goody too shoes and p.c preaching arse holes can return to its former victorian grandure and once agian stand prowd and truly deserve the title GREAT BRITAIN.
    agian i invite reply and i appologise for any spelling or gramatical errors i have made.

  50. adam you claim to be educated..yet ur behaving like an uneducated brat…..yes the british had the biggest empire by the 1920’s (wikipedia) but were are you now? im a british asian and proud. just because we have certain facilities that the third world doesnt, doesnt make us different!

  51. i no we are in the gutter i can admit it. we have no money left to dole out to everyone walking through our border and no room to in our hospitals to deliver thier babies. yes britain as it once was is now dead. we might as well rename it something appropriate like . ”equalania” or ”black ‘n’ white world”.
    and i am still in the procces of bieng educated actually.

  52. times are changing and i thank god that people like you (adam) will soon have no place in society. as people want to live in hope not fear! and there will be no place for raciests

  53. as an asian can you honistly tell me that white and black people can fully ”intergrate” some day. beacuse i think that it is an impossible achievment that can never be fully attained

  54. not in british society no. i intend to move to a country that is not as pussy footed as this one. like new zeland or france ( and i no there not perfect but there better than here) at least they control thier borders.

  55. @ adam
    1. FACT: Their proud culture has existed for far longer than ours.

    2. FACT: The majority of problems, within their home nations, can be traced back to the damage caused by the “Western Nations”.

    3. FACT: Many would like to escape their home nations because of the problems that we left behind. Poverty, enslavement and the selling of arms to those that WE thought should take power when we left.

    4. FACT: Our wealth and empire were built on slavery, theft, rape and murder. It is our duty to give something back.

    5. BIGOT: The dictionary entry states –
    a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion

    6. And before you try to imply that I am bigoted for being intolerant of your beliefs; I am not intolerant of individual’s beliefs. I am intolerant of the uneducated preaching of hatred; no matter what the cause. I am not a fan of Hitler’s work. I do not support Bin Laden. I will not support an alleged political party that can base it’s agenda on hate and the removal of HUMAN rights. I do have national pride. I am proud of what we can achieve to make this world a better place for EVERYONE.

    7. FACT: The BNP wishes for the UK to opt out of the European Act on Human Rights.

    8. FACT: The BNP is trying to invoke the Human Rights Act to stop “The List” from being published. Do they want the Act just for themselves, but not for others? They appear to be creating a society that contains one rule for the “Master Race” and another for anyone else. That is exactly what Khan, Hitler and Bin Laden have preached.

    You are still at school Adam, so there is some hope that you will understand this when you grow up. As an individual, I wish you well in your studies and hope that you will have the opportunity to see the world from other viewpoints.

  56. @ adam
    I remain anonymous because of the terrible violence that has been acted out in the name of the BNP.
    A member of my family was maimed by people, claiming to be BNP supporters, when he tried to stop them kicking an Asian youth.
    When society and the law can stop crimes of hatred, then I will not have to fear for my own son’s life at the hands of these people.

  57. @ adam
    With a attitude of racial hatred; it is illegal for you to travel to New Zealand with the intention of taking up residence.

  58. actually im in college not school. and with the degree im taking zew zeland will welcome me with open arms ( they dont ask or care about my politcal alliances )
    and niether of our OPINIONS is fact. so niether of us is write or wrong.
    i also appologise on behalf of my brotheren for your son. i may promote change, but not through violence.

  59. well im bored of this now i have better things to be doing than arguing with people. good look with england ( you’ll need it soon enough )

  60. and the answer to previous question….as if whites and blacks can mix…..yes! a majority work and play as it is and its the only way forward for peace

  61. A lot of people died in WWI and WWII so we could enjoy free speech and democracy. Now the country is a mess because of all the “do-gooders” allowing in unwanted foriegn nationals looking for a meal ticket. I dont pay my tax so some social worker can give a 4 bedroom house to some imigrant who cant even speak the language. It appears british white males have the least rights of anyone in the country. I’ll be voting for the BNP come the next election…thats for sure!!!! Rasist NO, realist yes…..look at the number of white english peoole leaving the country, why you may ask, becuase the country is being run into the ground by these idiots. close the borders, send all the imigrants back to their own countries….bring on the BNP!!!

  62. * Britain’s birth rate has slowed down dramatically, we need immigrants to work and pay taxes – which theydo – to pay for our elderly.

    *Our immigration laws reflect our economy – when we need more workers they become mor relaxed.

    * Many immigrants go home when the situation in their home lands becomes safe.

    * The majority of people you think are ‘immigrants’ are 3rd/4th generation Brits and probably feel as British as you.

    You are entitled to your opinions, but before giving into such fear and hate maybe you should look into the topic further.

    Personally i’m proud to live in a multi-cultural society. Having travelled in a homogenous society I can definitley say it’s far more interesting.

  63. “I have a right as an individual to vet the people I call friends, vet my doctor and vet the teacher teaching my child.”

    No you don’t Gooner. If one of your friends is a convicted paedophile, you have no right to even know about it. You have no right to know about the political, religious, or social views of any of the professionals who deal with you, in any capacity. You have no right to know if your child’s schoolteacher is gay, or a pagan.

    You don’t get to conjure up “rights” out of thin air, and assign them to yourself, at everyone else’s expense.

    For heaven’s sake drop the siege mentality. On average, out of every eleven people you meet, one will hate you like stink, another will think the sun shines out of your arse.

    If you ever get bad service from anyone, in any capacity, you have the same right of redress as everyone else.

    “Another good thing is they bring cultural diversity. A redneck hillbilly hermit may not want diversity ” You are not an anti-racist Gooner, you are a counter-racist.

  64. adam h… can you spell ? you thick uneducated twat… hope a nice young international fellow comes along and shags your bird, or if you have a daughter, hopefully her when she’s old enough.!

    get a life… loser

  65. One day this country will wake up to find islam the ruling power in this country & europe ! ( Gadaffi himself said this )..without the use of bombs & bulletts ..
    Why because we have those those idiots in power bend over backwards to look after `the ethnics` ….when they rule `god` help us all !
    They`ve always done it thru history , except this time , they are using the ballot box as a weapon also.
    I think we need a lesson from Vlad Tepes to show `em a lesson..
    When the pub shuts I bet ther will be a revolution !! –
    All these `do-gooders` dont have to live next door to the stuff that a lot off us see ….!

    come live up North for a while …

    ps. there is a Polish guy on my street who has lived here 50yrs , settled here after the war . Told me when he first came here he was told to obey & respect British laws & values , which he has done ever since …. to quote him …

    “this lot were f**king trouble from the start!”

  66. “* Britain’s birth rate has slowed down dramatically, we need immigrants to work and pay taxes – which theydo – to pay for our elderly.”

    That sounds like the climate change song. If it’s snowing in Queensland, it’s because of climate change. If it stops snowing in Queensland, it’s because of climate change.

    If we had had a baby boom they would have told us we need more immigrants to work, pay taxes, and support our overburdened education sector.
    It is the equivalent of pouring water into a bucket with a big hole in it, and blaming the water shortage.

    I am against immigration, because it allows us to go on not facing the real problem. Which is the welfare state.
    The pensioners have earned their pensions. The scroungers, and the folk in the bloated public sector non-jobs, should be given a stark choice- get a job. A real job. No productivity = no money, no council flat.

    The only people having babies are the welfare queens. The young couples can’t have all the kids they want, they can’t afford the loss of income.
    We are being punitive to the reponsible, so we can be indulgent toward the feckless. If a woman wants an abortion, she gets it free. If she wants to be a good mother, and bring up her children, we leave her to the mercy of the market, and tax her husband. Whose brilliant bloody idea was that?

  67. ”adam h is a twat // Nov 21, 2008 at 10:01 am

    adam h… can you spell ? you thick uneducated twat… hope a nice young international fellow comes along and shags your bird, or if you have a daughter, hopefully her when she’s old enough.!

    get a life… loser”

    who ever wrote this i invite you to show your self.
    anyone who can speak like that over the internet must be a coward. i would bet my education you wouldn’t say that to someone face to face.
    o and i can spell i just cannot be arsed to vet what im writing because i dont need to.
    i bet your a young to middle aged losser who got bullied at school. o and keep your sexual fancaties to your self. if you want to rape little girls thats your problem. just dont let me catch you doing it or i will kill you !!!

  68. its all very sad really, its the same anger and hate displayed here that has cost lives throughout history and will in the future, a future that your children will be born into, black white pink orange gay str8, who gives a sh*t.
    Im a white british single male by the way before anyone tries to label me. FEAR is a powerful tool and division (difference) is a great way of adding fuel to the fire, governments like fear, its a great way of controlling the brainwashed masses, just look at the lie of Iraq hundreds of thousands of people have been killed. Before we rejoice at the deaths of these people consider the same lies and brain washing lead to the bombs in london and 9/11, who is the victim here? we all are. So at least we have something in common, the idiot masses will continue to hate and murder each other based upon the manipulation of the few.

    When we have finished with the blacks can we start attacking the queers? what about the gingers! ive never trusted someone who tans so easily all that sunburn must cost the nhs millions, actually while im on the subject of money and the nhs can we arrange some kind of method to get the disabled dispatched, what use are they? Then i would like it if we could start on the council estates, the under classes, you know those who dont have jobs, get rid of them i say! another good way of saving money would be to kill the pensioners, what good can they possibly be, my dad has just retired, get me a knife, Adam have you got a granny you can put forward?

  69. i totally agree with what your saying ( exept i wouldn’t kill old people because most of them have worked or fought for this country) but everything else is just fine. finally some sence in this forum. i was begining to think the whole country was mad.
    have you read what some stupid idiots have put above me.

  70. Gooner, brainwashing on Your brain as proved a success!
    GDP Negative, due to immigrants input.
    H.O.L. Commitee decided this not the BNP!

  71. After everything i have read about the Bnp being a racist fascist party i am still going to vote for them.The only difference between labour and the bnp is the bnp stick up for the white man.
    I hope someone will leak the labour party list and soon.

  72. Another thing.The millions unemployed people in this country.If millions of immigrants can find work then there is plenty of work to be had.unemployment benefits should be cut to 6 months,then if the unemployed person still has no job a job will be found for them and benefits paid to cover what shortfall they have from their orginal benefits.Job vacancies filled,money saved and less immigrant workers needed. If they refuse to work then they should be forced to work or get nothing.People who claim they can’t work because of illness or disability will be found work they can do. The liberal govenments of this country will never do this lets hope the Bnp will.It will solve many problems and save the country a fortune.
    I am a forth generation Asian incase you are wondering.


  74. here here richard dont be ashamed of being patriotic we dont HATE people of different colours thats such an immature hippy attitude towards it we love our country and love our traditions whats wrong with that!???

  75. Hi Peeps,
    The facist Police (in Cambridge) put that I’m a paid up member of the BNP as the fact to find Guilt on a Search Warrant. I’m gunna VOTE BNP in the Euro elections to clearly support the oppresed people of our country against such Funda”mentalist” faggots’ beliefs.
    They said I was the Cambrige Letter Bomber whilst I was banged up for rowing with my son who pays no rent, at the age of 27, and clearly a Drug induced Jolly by Nazi Public Officers !!!!!
    LONG LIVE THE BNP (no i’m not a member)
    P. Goldthorp
    52 Ditton Fields
    CB5 8Ql
    tel 07743045945.

  76. As far as I’m concerned, the problem is not so much other cultures, but more a case of numbers. If the ethnic minority was a MINORITY, then I doubt people would complain as much. I would never dream of being a rascist towards an asian or a black person just becuase of their colour. and I would never discriminate against. However, when I see a large muslim population demanding that the British public adapt to their ways, my reply will be, “if you want a muslim lifestyle, go to a muslim country” This is England, and yes, it is diverse country, in certian areas like Luton, London, Birmingham it is not uncommon. I will be voting for the BNP not out of racial hatred, but to show to the labour and conservative partys, who are more concerned with claiming for swimming pools and morgages rather than making a change that British people have had enough of this open door policy. I have no issue with other cultures, my issue comes with the fact that there are a little too many immigrants in this country and with over 2 million out of work, we really need to be putting our people first.

  77. The thing that stands out amidst all this ‘you lot’ versus ‘us lot’ posturing with regard to white society in particular, is that white people can’t even tolerate or stand each other, let alone non-whites and other immigrants. That’s why sites like this one and countless others exist, full of disharmonious whites hating one another, bickering and squabbling over perverse abstract political ideologies . Given the degree of social isolation that a vast part of the population live in, I’m not even sure that ‘any society’ exists at all. Every individual lives and exists as a ‘minority of one’. All talk of ‘community spirit’ is just so much hogwash, a politicians soundbite, nothing more. Even in places designed to be for people to mix socially together like pubs, night clubs, public events and so on, you can observe individuals studiously doing there utmost best to ignore and avoid one another. So where is all this great ‘us’ and ‘them’. Who are they? and where do they hang out? As for the so-called BNP membership lists, how do you know they’re real? Anyone can make up a load of names and addresses, if they’re so inclined.

  78. Far-right/Far Left, what’s to choose between them? They’re methods of persecution and control are interchangeable. They’re both dictatorial, despotic and intolerant of criticism. Only their choice of victim differentiate them. The far-right target blacks and asians, as we’re led to believe. The Far-left however, seem to reserve all their vitriol for indigenous white populations. No one is prepared even to recognise this phenomenon of Left-wing racism against white people, (mainly because most of those perpetrating it, are actually white themselves). Radical feminists target white men, with a rabidly heterophobic form of propaganda vilifying the male ‘sex drive’ as a form of deviant sexual behaviour equated to rape and paedophilia. Their warped ideas can only be described as ‘gender-racism’. So where do we go from here?

  79. Were any of the indiginous people of this aked one simple question. ” Do you want millions of foriegners moving here, having families, clogging up our roads, building mosques”?
    People who don’t mind living in this multi cultural toilet where we now have TB, Rickets and other lovely diseases re-introduced (after we had irradicated it) by the hoards of asylem seekers and criminals were probably not alive when this small island of ours was almost entirely made up of indiginous people. And that was only 60 years ago.!!
    They will not be so smug in another 60 years time. That is a FACT.
    It is a shame this country is brainwashing our young people with the TV, Radio, Internet and what ever other medium the wishy washy traitors to our fallen mothers, fathers, aunties and uncles of two world wars who tried to keep this country free from invaders, so they cannot know the truth

  80. Well put Joeseph Marks! Right now the Daily Mirror has its stomach-churningly sanctimonious “Hope not Hate” (supposedly anti-racist) Bus Tour campaign underway. They’re roping in all sorts of dum celebrity figures to endorse its anti-BNP campaign. I wonder though whether it’s having the opposite effect on the white communities it visits. With its over-bearing, blinkered insistence that we’re all living in a ‘multi-ethnic Britain/welcome it – OR ELSE!’ attitude, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be the best recruiting campaign the BNP ever had.
    I hate the way our history has been usurped and corrupted, deliberately misrepresenting our sacrifices of ww2 being made for the sole intention of creating ‘multicultural Britain’ in the future. If our parents/grandparents could have foreseen the crap we have to put up with now, they would have lost heart, morale would have collapsed and they would have given up the struggle. Ironically that would have applied to the Germans as well, because they’re facing all the same problems with these unwanted hordes of predatory invaders too.

  81. Dr. Mike G. Beech

    Dear People,

    Not sure if it is being racist or not, but I for one am sick and tired of the seriously sub standard ‘education’ of the Indian, Pakistani and negro ‘doctors that have entered England with only a smattering of our beloved language, and, in the main, having ‘acquired’ their purported qualifications in their home country, do not, for the most part come anywhere close to the standard of the English standard of education and indeed care. I for one would not dream of being treated by these sub-standard educated individuals…

  82. Wikileaks is currently down due to the interest in this list. Could somebody else that has this list please repost it on another website/link? Thanks.

  83. What a sad, egotistical site…

    I strongly suspect that the dim-witted, carefully misspelt comments featured here for the readers amusement are, in fact, non-existent BNP supporters from your imagination ‘commenting’ as you wish they would.

  84. Adam H
    are you a complete moron? This country has more freedom of speech than any other country I know. Also the fact that you choose not to see how much non-white people in this country have contributed to the economy and Britain’s stance as a world financial power only proves how much of an idiot you are. I am white and was born and have lived in the UK all my life and yes you have every right to your opinion but why bring race or colur of skin into it?

  85. hi… all the white folk say they are patriotic can suk on a dik cos u racist scummy bastards that cnt face the fact they r racist.. all the bnp bul shit agenda is a front and the whole party is fueled by racism… NOW WHO THE FUK WANTS TO BE THE FOLLOWER OF A LEADER WHO IS CALLED A BIGOT ON NATIONAL NEWSPAPERS…lol its beyond me no doubt.. peace and chill out if the coloured guy or girl is leading a betta life.. its ur fault not theres.

  86. Why? Whats it got to do with you or anyone for that matter?

    I dont support them but if you lot who shout democracy and so forth then that means it cannot be selective, you have to afford every one the same liberty and not give jobs or promotions based on colour ie positive discrimination yet on the same hand take the BNP to court claiming they are using the colour of a persons skin for discrimination.
    Cant you see how hypocritical you all sound?

  87. Nicksdad, Who’s the racist here? “all the white folks” or you?
    I know people who vote BNP who are not racist whatsoever. Most of them are voting for them for a few reasons:
    Our Law and order is a joke the world over as our INjustice system has proven by unashamedly harbouring a monsterous child killer who is now a grown man but is treated like a kid and they wonder why these people re offend, there is only one party who will bring back the death penalty and really get to grips with crime and put the punishment back into prison.
    They wont let Europe tell me you or anyone else how We should punnish our prisoners, educate our children or change our weights and mesures etc.
    Race doesnt really come into it, as for immigration, thats not a race issue. Immigrants can be white european, why assume when people say immigrants they mean black people anyway?
    Its not about having zero immigration ever, it means halting the flood We have now due to labours now outed campaign to “change the cultural face of britain” and re patriate ones that are of no use to the UK. Obviously We realise We have immigrants that are very good doctors etc but as long as We have midwives being trained only to have no jobs to get into or students leaving Uni to get work in maccy dees cos they were allowed to do a course on media rather than arcitecture or medical training then We do not need immigration on the levels that are here now, so how is that racist? again help me cos I struggle with this issue really do not get it.
    I am considering BNP for the reasons I said and the media smear campaign was so blatently obvious, it was ever since they won their seats in the European parliment, democraticly elected, partly by British people in greater manchester.

  88. Any one who wants the BNP , membership list can find it from me , care of M15,Central london, failing that you can find it care of Speical branch , Scotland YARD LONDON , failing that you can find it at M16,WET OPERATIONS CENTRAL( STATE MURDER), LONDON, or you can find it listed under the following state secret sponsed organisations,

    BBC, JEWISH COUNCIL , OF THE CONSERITIVE PARTY,ECT ECT ECT, AND OTHER ARSE KISSERS, if nothing else we in the bnp can laugh at ourselves

  89. Big Black Jiggaboo Lenny Henry. Funny as fucking toothache. He `s in the BNP the hypocrite.
    Also the Kumars at Number 42 (now 43, 44, 46 and 48, infact most of the street now). Kinda forcing the whiteys out I`m guessing.
    Listen, `multiculturalism` aka the breakdown of the UK is the future. Like it or lump it.
    Thank `God` I`ll be in a box in 30 years or so. I`ve seen Britain at its best.

  90. I am on that list and very proud of the fact . at least I and lots more have some balls to speak out as to the British are being destroyed by genocide. has for the Shepplie who con/t to re elect the same old partys , the Buggers, Liers, and theives, whos main target is the Illimination of britain and its people.

    But the true enemys and traitors are the British people themselves, a cowardly two faced PC lot of turncoats. .

    Britain over the centuarys fought of evry country on the Planet. The british cowards today sit and rot, and are subject to genocide and they dont even care.

    Jack Straw Jew and Labour, stated the English are not worth saving , and I entirly agree with him.

    walter Barfoot BNP

  91. These immigrants, eh, coming over ‘ere with their work ethic and their vibrant culture, enrichin’ our society…. Why can’t my daughter marry one of ’em instead of some white yokel, so me grandchildren will be coffee-coloured instead of pink an’ ‘orrible like me?….

  92. Has anybody still got the BNP members list? I’m looking to see if there is a person on that list that I’m trying to expose. Thanks

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