Department of the blazingly obvious

This really isn\’t "Jeepers" material.

The grandparent who plays babysitter is not only the cheapest and most easily exploited form of childcare but also the safest, research suggests.

An American study has confounded fears that grandparents are likely to be out of touch with the best modern childcare techniques by showing that they cut the risk of a child getting injured by up to half.

In that Darwinian sense the point and purpose of life is to have grandchildren who then go on to have their own children. That grandparents take care of their grandchildren well is really the most unsurprising finding.

After all, they\’re caring for, looking after, an investment that they started 30 or 40 years before, when they first selected their own mate.

5 thoughts on “Department of the blazingly obvious”

  1. And we grandparents can do the job standing on our heads. Keeping the little buggers out of trouble is a cinch, because we made all the errors first time around when we were parents.

    Also, the brats listen to Grandpa, especially if he is known to be occasionally stern. They know what’s good for them.

    In fact, knowing the limits, Nan and Grandpa can allow more scope for adventure than is possible with overcautious parents, and understand that bumps are part of growing up. So the little vermin get the room to make their own mistakes and learn from them.

    Simple, really.

  2. Also the Grandparents get to cuddle their own bairns without triggering an immediate response from the police and social services…

  3. My MIL looks after my son and she is an expert at it. 6 of her own kids and 9 grandchildren so far. The kids adore her, every one. No money on earth could ever match such a reward – so rightly deserved.

    The State now pays for childcare, but then that means it gets its twisted fingernails into every detail of how it “must” be done, so driving away many capable and smaller providers.

    AFAICT, mankind has evolved to be raised in part by the Grandparents. The parents, fitter and younger, are out collecting food and hunting.

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