So the new American President has transcended race and so what we need to do is embed race at the heart of our political system?

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  1. What Lesley Holloway and a million others like him fail to realize is that you will never get anywhere, and especially you will never lead anything- a country, a party, a trend of thought, a constituency, a jury room, public opinion, your company’s strategy, a candidate list, anything at all- by sitting around waiting for someone to let you do it. The weak moan, the ones who really care and have the courage get out and do it. I didn’t like Bernie Grant and Im not sure I like Obama but they didn’t get where they are by whining; they did it by mobilizing, organizing and leading the opinions and actions of others, and refusing to be cowed, bullied, ignored or bought off; this is what anyone who has ever achieved anything they wanted, or got anywhere they wanted to be, has had to do. Holloway even says this, but doesn’t seem to have recognized the significance of what he says.

  2. Unsurprisingly, someone whose whole career and world view is based on seeing things solely through the prism of race, thinks we should embed a racially based structure into our putative democracy.

  3. There are people who become so obsessed with one aspect of themselves, that they can not function effectively in society. I suspect the truth is often that they do not want to function in any other capacity. They want to be paid and pampered by the state for being one dimensional, black, or gay, or muslim, or disabled, or female, whatever their victimhood obsession is.

    They deserve to be lampooned by all well-balanced people who actually do something with their lives.

  4. I will believe that America has transcended race when all the affirmative action laws are repealed and all racial discrimination lawsuits are summarily dismissed.

  5. That chap would probably prefer to forget that incident in the 1970s when the British quietly but determinedly overcame whatever prejudice they had by electing a woman as Prime Minister of their country.

    Some lefties only approve of female or black politicians when they tow the approved left-wing message.

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