Fiona Mactaggart: idiot

A significant number of women are controlled by violent gangs, some have been trafficked across borders, some between different towns where they offer "fresh meat" to clients who see the women they pay for as a mere commodity for pleasure.

Jeepers. That a Government Minister doesn\’t know the most basic point about prostitution (as pointed out by Gary Becker decades ago). That entering the sex trade tends to reduce one\’s social capital…thus people tend to do it away from the community they come from. That\’s why they move around, not to provide "fresh meat".


4 thoughts on “Fiona Mactaggart: idiot”

  1. Well, no. That some – even many, or most – prostitutes travel away from home for the reason you state does not mean that none do so for the reason Fiona Mactaggart states. Some are indeed trafficked from town to town. There was a TV documentary on the sex trade recently, which dealt in considerable part with a women who was initially trafficked from the Baltic states to London, and who escaped when she was taken from London to a pub in Wolverhampton, to provide sex to clients there. Fiona Mactaggart, idiot, no doubt. Tim Worstall, committer of logical fallacies, also no doubt.

  2. the world revolves around money. this is just another way for people to make money. with unepmployment on the up the government should not be closing down easy sources of income. not that i use myself but what is wrong with it all anyway

  3. Chris – an example of one proves nothing much.
    Sweden went down this banning prostitution path and altered very little.
    Made it more dangerous for the whores as their ‘regulars’ were made fearful but not so the dangerous men.

  4. John Cramer, an example of one proves that Tim is wrong. Google ‘black swan.’

    I’m not arguing about whether prostitution should be legal or not; I’m exposing a flaw in Tim’s argument.

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