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You\’d like to think that they\’d get important numbers correct, wouldn\’t you?

Last night the figures used to estimate the scale of child abuse in Britain were themselves under scrutiny. The annual report of education and children\’s service inspectors Ofsted, published last Wednesday, stated that 282 child deaths had been reported by local authorities across England over the 17-month period ending in August 2008.

According to government sources, Ofsted has now privately admitted this figure is \’misleading\’ and should have been explained or broken down. The figure of 282 is made up of all children who died while receiving any kind of local authority help – including terminally ill children receiving social care and accidental deaths of nursery age children.

In fact, it is likely that the deaths of fewer than 100 children could be attributed to neglect or abuse.


4 thoughts on “Government figures”

  1. Even the NSPCC only claimed that there are one or two child murders a week (=75 ish per annum), and that this statistic has been pretty constant for decades. That’s 75 tragedies of course, but out of 12 million children, those are pretty good odds.

  2. The figure I’ve heard bandied around, e.g. on Unity’s baby P article on Liberal Conspiracy, is 1 every 10 days. Obviously it sounds a little too rounded to be taken as gospel but more plausible than the Gov’s figures.

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