Interesting headline

Labour has defied predictions to win a surprise victory in the Glenrothes by-election

Shows quite how far in the tank everybody thinks they are, when a ruling party winning one of their own safe seats in a by election is a "surprise".

5 thoughts on “Interesting headline”

  1. Well what is the record of ruling parties in safe seats in byelections over (say) the period since 1979? 90% 50%?

  2. There was a PCS strike planned for the coming Monday; it’s just been called off as the Cabinet Office has offered ‘meaningful talks’ to the unions.

    They had previously been adamant that there was no more money in the pot. No, less than 5-6 hours after Glenrothes, the government is moving to avoid union trouble.

    Something’s afoot….

  3. I agree with you Cabalamat, for the second of your two reasons. No Scotsman in his right mind would want to give support to Salmond in this climate, they are too busy hanging on to Englands money.

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