Now there\’s a surprise.

But faced with too much choice, however, they resort to crude approaches such as choosing solely on looks.

When we have to make a quick decision like this, we don\’t have much else to go on – and that\’s because of our largely monogamous nature, said the team.

Monogamous species have fewer secondary sexual characteristics such as peacocks\’ colourful tail feathers.

Does it matter? Not if what you\’re looking for is a quick fling, Miss Lenton told New Scientist.

Research suggests that we don\’t look too hard for signs that a short-term partner is our ideal mate.

Who would have thought it? When looking for a shag we make selections based upon what might make a good shag. When looking for something more than a shag we consider other matters, over and above what might indicate good shaggability.

My, aren\’t we human beings such complex creatures?

1 thought on “Now there\’s a surprise.”

  1. Nothing ‘crude’ about looks as a criterion.

    Symmetry = beauty = good immune system = robust genes = healthy offspring

    There ain’t no such thing as ‘just a shag’ where Mother Nature’s concerned.;-)

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