Women with a high body mass index are more likely to have sex than those with a normal weight, a study has shown.

The study into the relationship between body mass index and sexual behaviour has ruled out the widely held stereotype that overweight and obese women are not as sexually active as more slender women. In fact, the researchers concluded that the opposite was true.

Err, fat birds are easy?

14 thoughts on “Obviously….”

  1. Fat/estrogen/sex drive link, maybe, instead of desperation? After all, thin=beautiful/sexy is a relatively recent phenomenon, in parts of the world where there’s an historical food surplus.

  2. Cause or effect? Maybe . . .
    Taken to dinner as a prelude?
    Having a snack afterwards instead of a cigarette?
    And other thoughts too rude to specify.
    But seriously – a class thing? Overweight lower class, easy virtue? Bit prejudiced, perhaps.

  3. @ Mark Wadsworth

    In the back of a Mini? I thought the Italians in their Fiat 500’s were pushing it, but trust the English to get truly artistic when it comes to contortionist sex…;-)

    N.B. Thin women have ratty tempers, according to a reliable male source!

    Tim adds: “In the back of a Mini?” Well, of course, if you try it in the front seat then those high heels make a terrible mess of the dashboard.

  4. Its really funny how shallow men can be.I mean catwalk models are indeed modelled on androgenous gay boys (as the fashion industry is controlled by gay men) and I have been told that men really want a woman they can “grab “onto rather than a stick insect covered with skin, lets face it a real woman has curves and breasts etc.Also this begs the question of “what about fat slobby men”? Of which there are plenty.Good God why don’t you all do us a favour and die and…(quietly please and without a mess)

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