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Oooooh, yes, we like this….

Oh yes we do.

Here in Singapore, the government continues to respond to the worsening downturn with austerity of the sort that avowed scrooges like nineteenth century prime ministers William Gladstone and Robert Peel would have approved of.

The latest cost-cutting move is a pay cut of up to 19pc for all senior civil servants, including the PM and President…..

Action this day as Churchill would have had it. Cut taxes by even more of course, in order to still have a fiscal stimulus.

4 thoughts on “Oooooh, yes, we like this….”

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  2. Oliver:

    It’s the total “public employee” expenditures that’d count, I’d imagine, on a per-capita basis or one adjusted for per-capita GDP net of the
    public employee tab. Something suggestive of
    “value received,” in other words.

    I know hardly anything about Singapore’s organization but I’d be inclined to suspect an important difference between their public sector employees (especially what would be considered “civil service”) and ours (UK and USA): whether such workers were unionized.

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