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Now it\’s time to abolish bonuses, ending the phoney "performance related" culture that brought the world economy to its knees.

I know, I know, I\’ve said it before. But all those workers at John Lewis are gonna be pissed, aren\’t they, when they no longer get their profit share?

6 thoughts on “Polly Today”

  1. Strictly that’s not a performance related bonus – it’s more of a dividend from share ownership which isn’t quite the same thing.


  2. Oh great, so we don’t we just go back to the socialist system and give every one the same pay regardless of performance, why not make employments valid for live while we’re at it as well. I mean the last times it was tried it made the world a whole lot better didn’t it. No crisises there nope

  3. I’ve always thought that bonuses should be attractive to left-wingers, wealth -creating labour getting a big slice of the pie ahead of sponging capital.

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