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But we ought to uphold the right of the British National Party to express its views, however vile, after Merseyside Police arrested 13 of its members for distributing leaflets. I\’m afraid that free speech means freedom for fools and scumbags, too.

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  1. Hmm.

    If the leaflet claimed that Muslims are out there sexually enslaving your daughters (which Mick’s quotes seem to suggest that it did), that’s up there – both in terms of being completely made up, and in terms of being likely to incite bloody reprisals – with claiming that Jews murder Christian babies to mix with matzos. And rightly, people who say the latter get done for incitement to racial hatred…

    If the leaflet just said “we hate immigrants, send them home”, then it’d be completely different and there’d be no case to answer.

  2. “A: some guys are pimps; some of these guys are brown”. “B: Muslims are enslaving your daughters”. A is true, B is the BNP myth. See the difference?

  3. “A is true, B is the BNP myth. See the difference?”

    Don’t tell me, go tell Mohammed Shafiq, director of the Rochdale-based Ramadhan Foundation…

  4. I love it when people write about the BNP. There’s always a “however vile” or “however repugnant” in there somewhere. It’s become a mantra like someone saying “Allah… peace be upon him”.

  5. I’m afraid the original is correct. If you’re only allowed to say things that people agree with, then speech is not free.

    I’m fairly certain that the BNP knows that a few of its activists being treated like this will attract support by attracting attention to laws which favour one speech over another.

  6. There are some things on the BNP agenda which I find unsavoury. But their manifesto incites no-one toward crime.

    There are many things in the Quran which I find repugnant. That doctrine promotes many crimes, including murder, slavery, and extortion.

    Why am I expected to revile the members of the BNP, on the basis of presumed adherence to the orthodoxy of their party? Yet I am expected to respect muslims on the baseless assumption that they mainly do not adhere to their scripture?

    Surely some mistake?

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