Recycling to save resources

So, how\’s that going then?

"We are continuing to recycle rather than store 2,000 tonnes of waste a week – and that is costing us £70 a tonne."

Recycling loses money. Hmm, that\’s normally a sign that more resources are being put into the system than are coming out of it. That is, that recycling uses more resources than not recycling.

So, umm, why are we doing it?

1 thought on “Recycling to save resources”

  1. It’s not so very long ago, that the prices for recyclable waste were getting very healthy. And the councils were having to explain that they could not benefit from the bonanza because they were locked into long term fixed price contracts with private companies, who were reaping all the benefits.

    Now the stuff has become a liability, why are councils having to carry that cost? What happened to their contracts?

    The underlying question, is why are councils so crap at everything they set out to do? Ours keep erecting buildings that no-one wants to move into. Eventually they are occupied by- the Council. Or some quango. I think we would be better off if elected councils were banned from employing more than a tiny core of direct staff. And forced to subcontract all the actual work to private sector companies who actually know how to erect buildings, and deal with the garbage.

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