The civil servant at the heart of a Whitehall leak investigation was in hiding last night as a political storm raged over the arrest of the Tory frontbencher Damian Green.

The 26-year-old civil servant was detained at his home in Middlesex at 6am on November 19. The assistant private secretary, who has been suspended from his job, is being looked after by the Home Office at a secret location because it owes him a “duty of care”, officials said.

The suspect is being held at an undisclosed location by the Home Office?

That\’s all a touch Stalinist isn\’t it? After he\’s been charged and released they keep him in custody?

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  1. Standard practice, AIUI – also happened to the poor sod who lost the child benefit CDs. Presumably he’s in one of the posh country retreats the Civil Service owns that normally get used for jollies^H^H training days.

  2. It doesn’t say ‘detained’, it says ‘looked after’. Presumably it’s with his agreement, as it was with the unlucky scapegoat for the HMRC disc debacle.

    Although who can really say….?

  3. Ah, but it’s for his own good. They probably had him sectioned, as only a mad person could give this Noo Labour gov a headache by leaking information regarding their utter incompetence.

    Then send out a message by having 20 anti terrorism officers terrorise DG’s home/family and office. How can his office be a scene of crime if they don’t know whether he has actually committed said crime at all? Also surely shutting down his e mail account and denying his constituents access to a man who of course is innocent until proven a Tory must be unconstitutional or illegal?

    And who made the complaint? If it wasn’t a minister but someone from the cabinet office who could it be? Who’s the patsy in the book depository with the rifle without a scope?

  4. @ dearieme

    I suspect, as with the IRA (following that attack on the Conservative party conference of course), a certain understanding has developed between those fanatics and the ‘right targets’.

  5. It gets better

    Announced Today by the BBC

    Alan Milburn to set up “Civilian Security Force” using military trainers, civil servants, police officers, judges and other logistical staff.

    Beware, The State is now arming itself against it’s own citizens


  6. “Why do the fanatical young men with the AK47s and the hand grenades never attack the right targets?”

    If you just wait a bit I expect you’ll see it here too: economic crisis, severe-times-require-severe-measures, state of emergency, ‘delayed’ elections, rebel movement formed, AK-47s.

  7. “The civil servant at the heart of a Whitehall leak investigation was in hiding last night”

    Hang on. This guy has nothing to hide from. Anyone who humiliates the po-faced crooks in this government, is destined to become the most popular bloke in Britain. Who the hell is he being protected from?

  8. “Beware, The State is now arming itself against it’s own citizens”

    The Pravda article is the only source I can find for this. Anything more, ahem, authoritative?

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