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Tee Hee

Labour in vain

Home from Heathrow just in time to hear a distressing first on the BBC Today programme. Hazel Blears was actually faded out. While still speaking. I nearly dropped the marmalade.

In the old days they would have tried politely to hurry her along, but yesterday, as Ms Blears twittered happy thoughts about new Labour\’s many achievements, they just turned off her mike. And she had only reached about the eleventh achievement.

Poor Hazel. It was brutal. Forget Monday\’s mini-Budget. Wednesday was truly the day that new Labour died.

Turning off the chipmunk. So sad.

2 thoughts on “Tee Hee”

  1. Yes, well I just listened to it on iPlayer, and Evan did a wonderful job of shutting the chipmunk up. It was (to use a New Labour word) inappropriate for her to segue into a boast about schoolz-n-ospitals.

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